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Thread: Hello from Ricey

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    Hi TB,

    I have been sheltering under a rock and generally have been behaving myself. I haven't been banned from a forum for over two years now.

    I'm still heavily involved in dog politics, and a group that I am involved with in WA is in the process of incorporating itself. We have a lot of things planned that hopefully will come to fruition.

    The animals are fine, sort of; Hobbes had a malignant melanoma excised around Christmas but he seems fine with no secondaries . The statistics on melanomas are not good, but around 1/3 don't have any problems so I'm just hoping that Hobbes is part of the 1/3 that don't get secondaries. 2/3 of dogs with malignant melanomas die within 2 years of the first incident.

    As Hobbes is 11 now, two more years takes him to 13 and that is getting close to old age for his breed anyway.

    I have 4 dogs now; my Mum is in hospital with a broken hip and I have her totally deaf & partially blind obsessive/compulsive elderly cocker spaniel. Hobbes has made her feel welcome, but Lizzie and Lulu don't like Polly. It sounds like Mum might not get home this time and have to go into residential care, so I'll look after her dog for her long term. Mum broke her other hip a year ago and it was really hard to rehab her last time but we got there, but this time is not looking so good.


    Peter D

    Sorry to hear about your mum - we have just gone through the same thing with Grandpop and his wife - Lucky my Aunty was willing to take their cat... she is a grumpy thing and no way I was bringing her home LOL (The cat, not the Aunty..)

    Not banned for 2 years? thats a bit boring!! Im disappointed in you.. :P

    Fingers crossed for Hobbes, it sucks when they get old and sick At has had a few lumps removed and I just found one under Kaos's front leg *sigh*

    Anyways, good to see you around! Would like to know more about the dog group you are in if you get time!

    I am doing Relay For Life in 2011, please contact me to make a donation

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    G'day Ricey pope.
    If you find yourself going through hell; Don't stay. Just keep on going.

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    Hey Ricey, good to see ya round

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    Welcome Ricey.

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    Hi and welcome

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