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Thread: Hi from Stafford Rescue

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stafford Rescue Vic View Post
    yeah I have shown many, many and am showing at the Vic specialty in march, with my new baby... What is it you need help with... Staffords are pretty easy to show...
    I know they are...if you can get them to run properly I am not sure if this is a maturity thing with her or that she is just not a "show pony"

    Ruby will NOT for the life of her lift her head up when she "runs" around the ring, so the judge can see her If I try to "lift" her head holding the lead...she completely shuts down on me and stops. I don't know if I should just let her do her thing until she gets more comfortable in the ring and with the whole atmosphere.....she is after all only 8 month old

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    Hi donna

    I think i met you November 2008? I visited Bel (with Eddie and Molly) for a week.

    I still can not believe you dont have all the pups back, fingers crossed the last one shows up somewhere. People make me sick
    I am doing Relay For Life in 2011, please contact me to make a donation

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    ahh the gait.... some judges like them to move fast, some slow... most like them to be just slightly faster than a walk.... personally I like to see them move fast.... but practice heaps... teach your dog that when you finish the walk towards to judge you spin around in front and the dog stands in show position... do this by having food or reward ready hold the lead up to stop dog moving forward and then tease the dog with the reward holding position for a few seconds, then giving reward, this time will be able to lenthen..
    Stafford Rescue Victoria
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    Thank you everyone for your kind words.... It was hard to loose a litter, I still think about the missing pup every day (not a pup anymore) I have tracked them all over the country, even to Tasmania... but they keep evading me... I got to the point where I had to give up... sad.. but it was making me crazy.... my thoughts are often with the missing dog still, but I'm not actively looking now... I did find a picture on facebook of the dog I have back, but the police are not prepared to act after all this time... so not much I can do except hope she's in a good home somewhere...
    Stafford Rescue Victoria
    0408 515 111

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    Hi SRV &

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