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Thread: What is This Place?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stevo14 View Post
    I have heard of mt Glorious. I believe one of my mates has gone down on that mt more than once. He used to average 1 crash a year, more in recent years.
    The day after hubby got the VTR he went up Glorious with a group of mates and came off coming back down. Thankfully he had no damage done and the bike only had cosmetic damage to it. I believe it's too tight to safely ride with a pillion, but that's just me.

    Every weekend we hear about someone coming off, sometimes we hear of someone going over/under the guard rail as well. It's insane.

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    Unfortuanely it happens on all roads good or bad. One of the good roads sort of close to me used to claim a life every week. Cowboys and @#%$heads don't live long on bikes and fudge the statistics for us

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