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Thread: Bernie Says Hi.

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    Hello *waves*
    A pessimist sees the glass as half empty;
    An optimist sees the glass as half full;
    A realist just finishes the damn thing and refills it.

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    Hi All,
    Bernie is now approx 13 wks, and i dont have any pics on this pc to post, but can tell you, he look exactly like "Megan" pup on her post. I'll try to get on the main pc that has all the thousands of pics of him up to mischief at some point.
    Im trying the "training in temptation' technique posted on here by K9. And i must say, its very impressive!
    My dog history is mainly rotties, which i adore. So this is our new pup, my husbands choice of breed. Cant say i am dissappointed either. (and compared to the rottie, who lets face it, arent the smartest of dogs, seems like he's real fast learner).

    Our local puppy preschool is no good. I went along to a meet, and was not impressed at all. They had pups, learning to socialise at puppy preschool. Along with 2 dogs, that were back at basic training as they had aggression issues. The 2 problem dogs, were going off at the puppies. And instead of being asked to take their dogs outside to a safe distance and work them from there, they were allowed to remain, lunging and barking at the pups. So no, i wont be visiting puppy pre-school. I don't agree with socialising my dog in this manner. I prefer to just expose him in the first 16 wks to anything and everything he'll have to cope with as an adult with me controlling when, how, where.
    Thus far, with this techinuque, he's had positive exposure to kids, dogs, cats, ducks, chickens, main street shopping, swimming in rivers, the sea, and all goes well so far.
    We are hoping to join in the GSD club at Fern Gully road after the xmas break. Perhaps the training school will be more er, structured and informed than the local puppy pre-school/dog fighting club.
    Having a new pup sure brings a new lease of life doesnt it. Im delighted we have him. Id been worried that i wouldnt attach. I was very upset when we lost our rottie. Vowed, 'never again' and all that jazz.
    hey ho.
    nowt quiet like a cuddly pup to change your mind.
    Its great to meet you all
    thankyou for the warm welcome

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    Welcome Bernie!

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    hello and

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