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Thread: Hi Everybody :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by CleasantasLittleHelper View Post
    Hi AF. I just figured out I hadn't said hello or replied to your posts......oh well, better late than never ehh? Chat to ya soon :]

    Hey Steve, hope you friggin chat to me in person soon

    that's if you & Dorte are coming to visit me & my family over the chrissie hols.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anne View Post
    I was wondering who CleasantasLittleHelper was. I assumed it was possibly a child. On another forum several members have their children as members and, more often than not, they share the same username but just with the addition of 'little' or junior or similar before or after the name.

    Assuming I am not on ignore, hello and welcome to the forum.
    You aren't on ignore...why would you be? Are you a troublemaker?
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