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Thread: Di's Sister, De

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    Hi De,

    Sorry for my belated welcome. Lately, I get on here and it takes me so long to read everyone's posts I don't have time to contribute.

    So sorry about your son, it must have been heartbreaking

    I absolutely adore Beagles and I have been tempted to get one for quite a while. I must admit though I am a little worried about their supposed stubbornness. I have been very lucky so far with my dogs. They have both been mild mannered and relatively easy to train (although Jenna is proving a bit more stubborn than my old Lab Holly) so a beagle might be a bit more of a challenge.

    Anyway, I hope you enjoy it here. I'm sure you will fit right in
    The best things in life, aren't things

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    Hiya Dede and welcome

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    Hi and thanks again for the welcome. I finally have the time to post more about our "beautiful girl" Bella. She was a street dog, picked from the pound and on death row. Our kids were old enough to understand how to behave with a dog, we had a fully fenced yard with self closing gates, so the scene was set. I'd rung the pound and let them know what type of dog I was after, and made an appt to see her. I pulled up in the car, and there she was, sitting happily and smiling at me. We have a cat (Midnight) so we brought her out and let her wander around the cat cages. No aggression with them at all. She then went to a "half way house" so her temperament could be assessed etc. A long 3 days! When I picked her up, I was told she had a beautiful nature. It was straight off to the vet, where she was cleared of disease etc, but she had a ****y heart. (see 1st post) I booked her in to be spayed in a week. I wanted her to get to know us all, and settle into her new home before it was done. Kept an eye closely on her in case she went in to season, but she didn't so all went well. She is a wonderful family dog, devoted and loyal. She developed a lump on her leg about a year ago, and the vet said it was cancer. Too late to do anything as it would be through her body. she was 12. He recommended a special cancer food, but after 3 days Bella became morose and moped around at dinner time. I thought "bugger this" and went back to feeding her as usual. I thought she was going to lick me to death!!! She's still agile, with shining eyes , wet nose and wagging tail. Yes, the lump is much bigger and more are appearing, but in every other way she is healthy. Not bad for a dog with a ****y heart that could have dropped dead 13 years ago! lol. I've sent Di some pics I took last night (yes, I finally got batteries for the camera) so I'm hoping she'll put them on her. Now you can nag her and not me! .....

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    Oooops, I don't expect her to put them on her. I'm hoping she'll put them on here!! lol

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    Any posts made under the name of Di_dee1 one can be used by anyone as I do not give a rats.

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    Hello and to the forum, hope you enjoy it as much as I am!

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    Hi and welcome.

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    Hello and welcome aboard......

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    Hi everyone, and thank you for the welcome. I noticed that Di has opened a new thread titled "De's Bella." I'm useless at photos, so thanks Di for doing that. See you on the boards...

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