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Thread: G'day, G'day

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    My tiels love grass seeds but tend to view vegetables suspiciously.

    They too love to poo on the curtains or on my shoulder - preferably just before I leave the house so I don't notice and walk around with it on me all day!

    Our little male Piper is hilarious, we haven't had him long and he came with one wing seriously clipped. Poor little bugger. He gets so excited when Zoe flies around the house that he tries to take off. End result? He flies like a rock and has to be rescued by the nearest human... But he's a sweetheart and gets more than enough cuddles and sympathy to make up for it.

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    Piper should moult it out in time. Re bird poo in hair, I just say it is conditioning balls.
    The vet picked one out of my hair that I missed today, lmao.

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