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Thread: Hi New and Wanting Info

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    thanks four socks
    Tilly's operation went well, we picked her up this evening and she looked sore, confused and was a bit wobbly.

    Here is a photo I had taken of her with me the other day, we're gonna take some photo's of her tomorrow to show after her operation. But she seems to be doing well and is really happy to be home again.

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    Oh good everything went well, Keep letting us know how she is going, please.
    Big to you all.

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    Default Hi Nessie

    Glaucoma is not an issue as I saw Deerhound mention in another post. Our Juggle was involved in a fight when she was 3 years old and being a Shih Tzu her eye literally popped out. We had the eye operated on and put back in but got unfortunatley she got Glaucoma. This made her so sick, painful and miserable our vet suggested removing the eye (not the muscle) which we reluctantly agreed to. Not the most attractive thing to happen in her life but she lived on for 12 more years. She had her issues in the early days, forgetting her left hand side with a fair few bangs and bruises with misjudgement, but she lived a full and happy life with only one eye. Our major problem was when she was 13 she got cateracts in her one and only remaining eye. She was too old to deal with major surgery but by then her other senses were so strong that sight was not really an issue. So our one eyed "bug" lived for 15 years happy and pain free. The few weeks that she suffered through Gluacoma were heart breaking so I'm glad we removed the eye as she didn't miss it and we loved her as the "brown eyed" girl that we'd always loved.

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    Hi Nessie & Tilly

    Glad Tilly is doing well after her op

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    well tomorrow will be her check up, as its been a week since the operation, she's still not back to her bouncy old self yet but that wont be for awhile I'm sure. It'll take time for her to get use to not having an eye there and all ^^ I can' imagine what the poor little thing is thinking though. She's happy to be inside though, she's never been an inside doggie but after her operation we brought her inside to be more comfortable.

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