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    Hello from Australia!
    My name is Sarah, and on the 5th of June my partner and I bring home our first puppy Lola. She is a purebred chocolate Labrador. We're so excited as this our first puppy together. She'll be 8 weeks when we bring her home. We hope to get some valuable advice from this forum, and can't wait to share our puppy with you all!!!

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    Ooh - where is Riley with everything you need to know as a new puppy owner...

    First thing - bed and house training - be vigilant... praise what you do want. Have some old towels strategically placed so if an accident starts you can scoop up puppy and pee and all and go straight out to the pee spot...

    Lots of great info at Dog star daily. The digital dog training text book (free or in exchange for registering).

    Dog Star Daily

    And just remember - puppies are learning all the time - if you're not training the puppy - the puppy is training you...

    Oh and first bed for a lab - should be a cardboard box. Most anything you get for a lab under 2yo is likely to be destroyed so don't spend any money on stuff that can be ripped to pieces. Black kongs you can stuff with food and freeze - make great pacifiers. So do cows hoofs...

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