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Thread: New Malamute owner :)

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    Default New Malamute owner :)

    Hello Everyone.

    We brought home our beautiful Alaskan Malamute, Thor, just under a week ago He is 5 months old already and has already had an interesting life in the short time he has lived. He was sold by the person who bred him to a man she thought was going to be his forever owner, however, that man gave him away as a business gift. The person who recieved him as a gift then gave him to his son.......who then gave him to a girl he liked.

    Then the girl had to go back to Japan for a month, so she gave him back to the boy and his father......they did not want to look after him for her, so they gave him back to the first man, who then gave him back to the backyard breeder Poor thing. The girl who had him then wanted him back and convinced the woman to let her have him back, but when she went to pick him up she noticed his size was massive from when she first had him as a little alaskan ball of fluff. So she refused to take him. The breeder then kept him for another month before advertising him for sale as she already has 3 dogs.

    This is where we come in. A family with 3 kids who absolutely adore him. His temperament is fantastic. He loves the kids. He is already the size of a full grown Lab (at 5 months old). I think he has some insecurities about this being his forever home though as my hubby tried to take him for a walk last night (first time without the kids) and he kept trying to pull back home again and looking back all the time. My hubby finally gave up and came home again. Walks will have to be a family activity till he is a little more secure in the knowledge that he is not going away with anyone else.

    So I joined here in the hopes of getting some great advice from other people in regards to puppyhood again. It's been a while since we've had a puppy - especially one this BIG, lol.

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    I am very glad the poor dog finally has his family, well done you.

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