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    Tonight we brought home Popcorn our 9 week old maltese pup. He's been asleep in his crate for nearly 3 hours now. Hasn't wanted a toilet break or drink of water yet.

    Will have to wake him up for potty soon I think. Other than that, he seems to have lots of year stains through :/

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    Welcome Eek

    Sorry about your post not being available for everybody straight away - you posted links to photos - and our spaminator can't tell the difference between spam links and newbies posting pix of their dogs. But when a mod gets on - we can make your post appear for everybody.

    Your puppy is very very cute.

    Tear stains (and paw stains from licking) are very common with white dogs, especially maltese and maltese x.

    I have read that putting a couple of drops of apple cider vinegar with "mother" - it's the cloudy stuff in the dog's drinking water - can help with that but I don't know if it's true or just wishful thinking.

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    What a cute little pup!

    Unfortunately, tear stains are very common in white dogs. You can get various products that over time with regular use will apparently remove tear stains... not sure how well they work because i've never had the chance to use one regularly on a white dog...

    Keeping the hair around the eyes trimmed nice and short is a good way to keep it under control too!

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    Thanks for the comments so far. I think we're being overwhelmed with too much information on the net so far. Constantly reading and watching youtube videos.

    We've seen too many rescue animals and friends dogs who misbehave and want Popcorn to be a well adjusted boy.

    I've heard of the vinegar trick before. Haven't tried it before though. It's also good for fleas apparently.

    We've got him into his crate and enjoys sleeping in there, but like being left alone. He usually whines for 5mins or so then calms down and goes to sleep anyway. Even when he wakes up he quietly sits inside until we get him out. Still not great waking up every 2hrs or so at night to let him go potty!

    He knows to eliminate in a certain area but is sometimes just too lazy to go there? Unfortunately we've also give him too much freedom too early and he's had some accidents too.

    We want to get him to socialise with as many dogs and people as early on as we can but he's only just had his first needle.

    Will be looking for a good vet and groomer in Southside (Sunnybank) Brisbane shortly.

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    hi eek

    Got no idea who is good in Brisbane but hopefully someone will have an idea...

    There's lots of threads on how to get a puppy to toilet where you want. Letting him roam freely and come back in when you haven't seen him perform - isn't one of them.

    Try putting him on lead when you take him out, repeat your potty magic word and act boring. Lots and lots of praise (and maybe a treat) when he performs. It's really handy to have a dog that will pee/poop on command and on lead - especially if you are travelling or doing any kind of activity that requires he hang on... get him to go before you start.

    Socialising with people is pretty easy - you just rock up to a sports game (eg cricket or tennis) and let people say hello. Pay attention to how comfortable he is with it, is he doing lots of lip licking and looking away and trying to get behind you - he's not happy - get people to sit nearby and wait for him to investigate them on his own, and then praise and get them to give him one of your treats.

    Dog clubs and puppy classes - usually have dogs that are vaccinated (you can ask). I took mine to the puppy classes at the vet. The vet was also a dog training instructor at my local club... You just need to find a dog club that knows something of the latest best practice in dog training (reward based) and doesn't use lots of corrections and yanking on a choke chain. (put my dog off walks for years).

    You want to use a flat collar or limited slip collar (if he's really good at getting out of the flat collar) and remember the reward comes in keeping the lead loose - ie no going anywhere or greeting anyone while the lead is tight.

    Online I like
    kikopup on youtube

    ian dunbar on dog star daily and youtube (you might need to sign up)
    Raising a Puppy | Dog Star Daily

    and susan garrett, blog, youtube, and online courses (you pay for these). The one you could use right now is recallers and puppy peaks. Unfortunately recallers is not likely to start until April ish. But I think you can join puppy peaks any time. It shows videos of Susan and others training their puppies.
    Susan Garrett Agility Training

    A lady called Cathy Slot who runs "agility click" actually runs courses where Susan Garrett comes over and trains. What other sport can you (pretty much anyone) go do a class with the best in the world for five full days or more?

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