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    Hi All

    I have three dogs of my own and a rescue volunteer to four twelve month old pups. Quite a houseful but we all live in peace and harmony.

    One of my previous dogs Frodo got cancer five years ago and although only given a 30 percent chance of survival at diagnosis he lived for 4.5 years frpm diagnosis. Frodo sadly passed away at Easter from vinca poisoning but there was no cancer when he died. As a result of Frodos cancer and learning how little people in Aus (at least) seem to know about canine cancer, I have put together a website on the topic.

    Australian oncologists have checked all the material for accuracy and put their name to it. A hard slog learning so much and putting it together but I finally got there and hopefully people will all benefit from it. I tried to make it simple for people to understand with direct links to reliable world sites.

    Thanks for having a forum for us to use and hopefully I will get to know many of the readers.

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    Hi Lisa / Frodo

    Sorry your post didn't appear straight away - our automatic spam filter hides posts with links in until the moderators approve them. Which also means that your post does not appear in the "new posts" lists or even in the posts you've made lists which is how we normally find posts to read.

    Welcome - sorry to hear about your dog fighting off cancer and then getting poisoning by eating a bad plant. My garden is full of poisonous plants (daffodils, angels trumpet, lillies etc) but so far - my dog shows no interest in eating them.

    Your website does look very informative. Dogs get so many lumps as they get older and some get skin cancer too. Pretty sure my dog would be a candidate for skin cancer because she loves sunbaking tho I try to limit how long she gets to do it to about 10 minutes...

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    Thanks for your response. I seem to be having a lot of trouble with this forum for some reason.

    I was gutted to lose my special boy Frodo to this horrible plant and there is a warning article on the website for other dog owners. This plant grows worldwide like a weed and is also known as perriwinkle.

    Hope people get benefit of the website it is updated with new material all the time
    Dedicated To Canine Cancer Awareness

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