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    Hi there all

    I am on this site because I would like to find a apricot or cream male toy poodle to breed with my apricot female. Which part of this forum would I need to put this information on?


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    Hi Tania

    you'd probably want to put your request in the "breeders community section"

    Breeders Community

    The best person to ask about finding a suitable mate for your poodle is your ANKC registered poodle breeder, because they are very experienced at this or will know someone else who is.

    If your poodle is not ANKC registered and or you have not done appropriate DNA tests on your female (to match with DNA tests on the male you choose) you risk passing on genes for things like blindness (PRA) and Deafness among others.
    Disorders by Breed - Poodle (Toy) - LIDA Dogs - Faculty of Veterinary Science - The University of Sydney

    If you make your post over there - we can help you learn about the pros and cons of breeding your poodle.

    Usually it costs more in vet fees than you can possibly make back if you organise properly to maximise the chance that your cute dog lives through the process and so do all her puppies.

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