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    Default Hi from Brisbane :)

    Hi guys, I'm Kimmy and this is my recently adopted dog, Vincent. He's a 7 month old staffy-thing - would love your input as I'm not too sure what exactly he is (listed as staffy cross at the shelter, one of the handlers said that he was an amstaff, council rego has him listed as 'staffordshire bull terrier' best friend asked if he was a pittbull since she said he looks like one of those 'scary dogs'...)
    I haven't had much sleep over the last week or so since he's not housebroken at all. We're booked in for obedience classes in a couple of weeks and I've been lurking on the forums to try and learn as much as I can.

    Lovely to meet you all

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    Welcome Kimmy

    Your dog certainly is very cute. Expect lots of people to think his name should be "Patch"... I get that a lot too. I sometimes say "I like Sparrow - for pirate".... cos blackbeard doesn't really work.

    Lots of help for toilet training. The main thing is to be super vigilant. In a crate or limited space when you can't supervise. And out after play, after eating, after waking up - and stay out being boring repeating your magic words "shitnapiss" until you get what you want and then lots of praise...

    Clean up accidents with vinegar and bicarb and maybe water with a little bit of lavender oil in it. Do not use anything with bleach or ammonia in it - because that just smells like a pee-mail that needs - repeating.

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    Hyacinth is spot on with the toilet training - take him outside CONSTANTLY - after literally everything he does. Might take a little longer seeing as he's a bit older, but still more than doable. I think I was outside every 2 hours the first few days/nights I got my boy at 3 months - that's literally all I did, took him outside until he did what he needed to (or long enough for him to realize, if he didn't need to go), never had a problem in the house, so far as he'll actually wake me up at night if he really needs to go out.

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    Hey Kimmy,

    Vincent looks like a champ. Does he get 'Vince' or 'Vincey' when he's good and 'Vincent' when he's naughty ??

    Do a bit of research into crate training as it can really help some dogs with their toilet training. It isnt just keeping a dog in a cage which it certainly looks like the first time you see it. Might work a treat for you guys. Anyway ...hope ya get some decent sleep soon and Vincent settles in well to his new home. Feel free to ask any questions you want. Good luck.

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    Thanks guys! He gets called Vince a lot (with my parents' accent it sounds like 'Beans' lol). Toilet training is going well; regular potty breaks and constant vigilance seems to be paying off

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