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    Hi everyone
    I have a five year old Chihuahua
    Could you recommend any anybody to take a photo of my dog? I'm looking for a person from forum, not from Google
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    Hello domi85

    For some reason the forum spaminator decided to hide your post tho I can't tell why exactly. It will do that if you post links in your early posts.

    First you need to tell us where you are before we can recommend a photographer.

    it's no good recommending someone in Hobart if you are in Warsaw.

    Why do you want someone from a forum and not from a google search? They might be the same?

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    Hyacinth makes a good point. A photographer can easily advertise on a forum and on google

    I know of many amazing pet photographers all over Australia, so if you let us know what area you're from we can give you some ideas.

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