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    Default Scottie and his mum

    Hi All,
    Newbie here and gosh I really hate posting these kinds of things. So.. in a nutshell

    Have owned dogs my whole life. Have always had a "big" dog and a "little" dog (and at least one cat...). Usually a Weimaraner (later a Weim x) or cattle dogs and a foxie.

    Last year, almost 12 months to the day, my husband and I put my "princess" to sleep. She'd been my birthday pressie when I turned 15 and she was almost 15 when she was PTS. It was one of the hardest, yet easiest, things I have ever done. Still think about her every day. She'd been with me, literally for every boyfriend, exam, move from the country to the city - every major event in my life was shared in one way or another with that fat, spoilt, naughty little dog

    When she went I found myself in an odd situation. it was the first time in my entire life I didn't have a pet! I warned my husband - who is a pet lover but could take them or leave them - that I didnt know how long I would last and that we'd have another fur child within 12 months. Well we lasted just over 6.

    I saw my him first. It was Thursday. He was on Facebook - being the poster boy for "seniors week" at the local shelter. They said he loved tennis balls and pats and he was approx 10 years old. I shared his photo with the hub and my Aunt for good measure. She must have known he was special because she actually called and enquired about him and said I'd be in on the weekend. I went home from work that night and spoke to Hub. He wasn't sure. We looked at the photo. My Aunt confessed to making the call. Long story short - we agreed to go meet him we took him home.

    As I have said - I have had dogs my entire life, I vet nursed while I was a uni and feel reasonably confident in my pet ownership skills but with any new pet they throw new challenges at you and after owning the same dog for 15 years her care had become second nature. Her likes, dislikes, body language and triggers. It also helped that she was pretty lazy, easy to confine and happy to lounge on her mat all day.

    All we know about Scottie is that he's a mature gentleman, loves tennis balls, wasn't chipped when the rangers picked him up and his owners never claimed him. He's affectionate and willing to do almost anything for a pat. He's easy going and will let you do ANYTHING to him (the vet managed to get a wagging tail out of him the other day while taking his temp!)

    He's pretty handsome (so I think). Oh - he's also great at jumping and not so keen on spending his days on his mat. Apparently the laundry (with the back door to the yard) isn't the most wonderful place for dogs - in the lounge is OK, on the king sized people bed is better. He is also fussy and reacts badly to a lot of dry (he's happiest on 'grain free').

    Because of his tummy troubles - which I have never had to deal with - I'm really enjoying learning more about dog nutrition. We're working on obedience and building a relationship and I'm learning how to teach an old dog new tricks. I have to say, with out wanting to sound wanky - while he's affectionate and easy going - working with him is so rewarding because I am earning his respect and trust. With the old girl she was mine and I was hers and there was never a question of trust. I asked, she did it if she wanted to and if I needed to do something it was OK because I was mum. It's different with him - we have to earn it.

    So the main reason I'm here is that I think I have a lot to share but I know I have a lot of further learning to do. Lots of other dog forums are very american based or slant heavily towards certain breeds or one view on certain topics - (e.g. raw feeding your pit bull nothing wrong with either but not for me). I'm hoping to be able to find Aussie resources and references and maybe even some social groups around Sydney's inner west.

    cheers - Scottie and his Mum.

    By the way - heres a photo from the day he came home. I appear to have deleted all the other photos! Whoops!

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    Found them - both "fetch" shots as he lives for the tennis ball.

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    Hi 'Scottsmum' and Scottie and to the forum !
    Thank you for the photos - he looks in 'good nick' for a 10 year old ! Hope you enjoy being a member of this forum.

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    Thanks Riley. We don't know exactly how old he he. All we know was the council he was picked up in, that he didnt have a m/chip and he wasn't claimed.

    He's been very well loved and trained in a prior life. Desexed, tattooed, house broken and pretty responsive to commands (including "on your mat") so ... I assume someone is heartbroken and missing him...wish they could talk!!!!!!!!!

    Looking forward to seeing what the forum has to offer

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    Hi S.M,

    Your post sounds so much like the first post i ever did on this forum it was freaky to read!!. I lost my best buddy of 14 years and only lasted a month or so before i need another waggy tail in my life.

    A good 20 odd years of doggy ownership i thought i was all good but i soon learnt a heap of stuff from joining a forum..... so welcome aboard to both you and Scottie !!

    It's not just you .... i reckon he's a handsome little bugger aswell.

    Ask anything you want. Especially dog food Q's. My boy did 14 years on crappy food now i spend over $100 a month easily to keep 2 fussy eaters happy. It can be a lot of trial and error to satisfy some pooch's bellys.

    Quote Originally Posted by reyzor View Post
    Education is important, but big biceps are more importanter ...

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    welcome Scottsmum

    What a testimonial to microchipping your dog...

    So glad he has found a good home with you.

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    Hi Everyone

    Thanks for your replies. Hyacinth - can't agree more. As I said- well cared for, well trained with just the right combination of "I will do anything for a pat" and "Oh. You were talking to me... Sorry. thought you were telling someone else to sit". It's an odd combination of I assume / hope / know someone is missing him along with - this dude could be the poster boy for model dogs to adopt.

    Sean I know what you mean too. I know I can adequately care for a dog and provide all he needs but there is a real struggle to jump off the couch and rush him to the vet every time he sneezes or limps.... actually... I think its a terrier thing - you rouse on them, they limp With Guin (my oldie) I knew a fake limp and a real limp. Its hard learning the real difference and I worry about not knowing his history. Ive had two independent vets give him a basic all clear (no bloods just basic check up) but I still worry he's going to drop dead on me All prior pets have been pal dogs (please don't judge). Guin finished up her life on Hills ID and yeh. Both lasted to 14+ now he's on $50 a kilo Ziwipeak .... oi.

    cheers all. I'm sure I'll enjoy my time here.

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    welcome scott and mum!
    lovely looking dog. And very dapper for a old git.
    not looking grey like me and my older dog lol

    Im facing diet and allergy issues for the first time. Having owned multi dogs, over decades. So there im keen to read your postings for one.

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    Thanks I'm sure you guys aren't that grey.

    Foxies tend to age well - the tan around their muzzle just goes white - its not as obvious (Don't tell him I said this but he is pretty snowy )

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