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    Hi I am a new member who cares for one maltese cross 4 years old puppy dog, and a 6 mth female german shepherd puppy, use to care for the brother german shepherd longhaired 6 mth puppy but just recently returned him back fulltime to his original owner my daughters puppy, but her working commitments left me to bring him up fulltime till recently.

    I was in the American German Shepherd forum but felt their comments are too far and few for any advice to help, so I just registered in hope to get readily advice for my puppy's right at this moment and time, and especially local medical name brands are a benefit, as I do recognise many of the available flea med's, and do require quite abit of advice in that matter as our maltese cross seems to be the one most affected by fleas, I spose because of her long curly fur, which is then spread on to the puppy's.

    I am a full time mom with 5 children 2 older adults and 3 school kids, two at high school and one still at primary, 26 years married, who like's to be out doors with nature more then indoors, love's walks, breathing in the fresh air, appreciating the natural beauty available and free to all, enjoy paintings love to paint, sew, research business, interested in home made organic soaps, hand, and body creams, and love my puppy's an endless supply of amazing experience's everyday.

    So basically this is me and I hope I can help someone or someone help me, take care and god bless Martha xox

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    Hello Martha, welcome to the forum!
    Your dogs sound lovely, I do have a soft spot for German Shepherds, they are such beautiful dogs. I'm sure everyone on the forum would love to see some photos of your beloved pooches
    Ask any questions you want and i'm sure someone on here is bound to have the answer you are looking for!

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    Hi 'Marthar5' and to the forum ! Hope you enjoy being a member here !

    Agree with 'maddogdodge' - love to see some photos - if possible !

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    Hi there Marthar5, welcome aboard.

    For fleas i have had great success using tablets called 'comfortis'. Expensive but very effective. I buy them from ebay ...much cheaper than the vets or pet stores. Good luck.

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    Panoramis works brilliantly for us. Welcome

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