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    I am so glad to have found this great forum (I am not new to the whole forum thing, I am part of a few other forums too, mainly bird related), and I am looking forward to doing a lot of reading and seeing everyone's dog(s)!

    My name is Renae, and I am from NSW. I live with my mum, her partner, 2 brothers, and my best friend, busy house here. We are all big animal lovers, and we have always had animals growing up, we have owned dogs previously, to name a few.. a Staffy, German Shepard, Dalmatian, Chihuahua, 2 Rottweilers and a Huskie. Miss them all a lot, especially my German Shepard who we couldn't bring over from Perth to NSW, and my Dalmatian who escaped and we never got him back!!

    We do have other animals.. a rabbit, cats, lots of birds, turkeys, and family horses.

    Anyhow, just over 4 weeks ago now, we adopted Abby, a female 1 year old Jack Russell x Long Haired Chihuahua. She has had 3 homes previously before we adopted her, she was badly abused in her second home, and she is a very shy and nervous dog as a result of this, but with time and patience I hope that we can overcome that.

    I am a bit confused with her cross mix, she is bigger than a Chihuahua, but seems to be smaller than a Jack Russell, too?! We weighed her at the vets the last time we were there which was 2 weeks ago, and she weighed in at 4.7 kgs - we have another app at the vets today and I am going to be weighing her again, she looks like she has put on weight.

    Here are some photos of Abby:

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    Welcome to the forum Renae! Abby looks like a real snuggle bunny! How old is she?

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    Hi Renae....hope things went well at the vets today. Glad you have given Abbey a new safe furever home. Good luck.

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    Welcome Renae, sounds like you have a full and happy household, lucky little Abby to be adopted by you. She is absolutely adorable and looks like she has settled in extremely well.

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