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Thread: Hello! Meet Indy! :)

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    Default Hello! Meet Indy! :)

    Hey guys!

    VERY late on my introduction..My name is Lucan and I'm from Melbourne!
    Just a little bit of background info, I love animals, I've had heaps of them all through my childhood (I'm 19 now) I've always wanted a dog but my mum has always said she will let me when I'm ready and able to give it the attention and looking after it needs and the costs, so yeah turning 19 and finishing school was the time for me to get one.

    I wanted to make sure i got the right dog, i researched all the breeds and I came across a X I hadn't seen before.
    Without further adieu I introduce my puppy Indy!

    He's 5 months and 30 days right now. I got him when he was 2 months and 20 days!

    He is a gorgeous dog that I'm in love with... He's got a great temper and is fun and playful, Isn't rough and is alright around our cats, sometimes he nips a bit too hard but then they give him a smack in the face and it's all sorted!

    I've taught him to Sit, Stay, Leave it, Free ( Release word )
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    G'day Lucan , welcome aboard.

    Indy is a great looking pup mate. Congrats on your first dog. Your mum was right to wait till ya finished school. They can be a bit more work than ya first think hey. good is it to finish school !! was a while back for me now but i'll never forget walking out the gate and not looking back !!!

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    Hi Lucan

    Indy's a lovely looking pup

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    Indy is gorgeous! I was in a similar situation when i wanted to get an Australian Shepherd, my mum wouldn't let me until she knew that i would show full responsibility for him

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