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Thread: Hi! I got myself a BIG doggy :)

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    Default Hi! I got myself a BIG doggy :)


    New to the forum.

    I am the proud owner of a 3 year old Neapolitan Mastiff, he is an outstanding sample of the breed, and is my best mate. He is pretty huge, and weighs around 80kg. Although I would never consider any Neo totally harmless, he is very well socialized, and well known around the neighborhood! Indeed he is the biggest dog in these parts by far!

    I love larger sized dogs, not just massive dogs like my Neo, although after much research I decided Neopolitan Mastiff's were my ideal dog- and they truly are.

    Anyone else have a big doggy? I go by weight, so tell me how much they weigh and the breed I'd like to see a dog that is bigger than mine lol

    He does so many funny things, often has me laughing in stitches.

    I am just a fat, single, 38 year old guy, living alone in a house with my doggy I used to have another dog, that I loved very much also, but both my dogs were alpha males when it comes to being boss, and a MASSIVE dog fight ensued, that despite me being a quite large and strong man, I was unable to break up the fight. My second dog- larger than most dogs- was nearly killed by my Neo. I decided to find a good home for that dog, due to the fact I felt he would adapt to a new home and be easier to find a home for than my Neo! He went to a good home, but I miss him heaps.

    I am not making the mistake again in my lifetime of mixing the wrong dogs together, and I am staying a one dog person for the rest of my life!

    Dogs are by far my favorite animal, and I love all dogs, big and small, but I have a special soft spot for decently sized dogs

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    Welcome to the forum... my dogs are 20 and 30kg lol so not really huge. I love neo mastiffs though. My sister in law has one and he is huge, the tail is a killer too!

    There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.

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    Will post pictures (or video) up in next few days, just gotta borrow a camera cause mine is broken!

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    Welcome Big Dogs

    both my dogs were alpha males when it comes to being boss
    That's a really sad story but I'm glad you found a home for your other dog when yours weren't getting along.

    I sometimes think I'd like a second dog - but I'm not sure if my dog would like it... Could be interesting and quite the training challenge. Personally I don't ever want to own a dog I can't lift into the car when I need to. So my current dog is a cattle dog cross - similar to stumpy tails (but with a long tail and floppy ears), and about 22kg most of the time.

    We have a couple of neo owners visit here from time to time, and sometimes a newfoundland owner tho not sure where they are at the moment - internet forums can be a bit addictive and get in the way of getting things done so they may have gone cold turkey to work on other things.

    hope you enjoy participating here.

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    Hi BigDogs and welcome to the forum.
    I too love big dogs although mine are no where near the size of your fella.
    Since you asked if anyone else has big dogs i thought i'd add my two in.
    I have a 13 year old female Bull mastiff/bull arab/great dane who currently weighs in at about 48 kilos. I also have a ten month old Bull mastiff/bull arab male who would have to be in the 60 kilo range. He was last weighed when he was desexed at 6 months and he was 46kilos then and he's grown upwards and outwards since then. Not sure how much heavier he will get.
    Would absolutely love to see photos of your boy.
    If you think dogs can't count, try putting three dog biscuits in your pocket and then giving Fido only two of them. ~Phil Pastoret

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    Hi BigDogs
    welcome, especially so as you have large dogs in my book.
    I dont like to have to bend to pat mine either. and intolerant of squeaky, yapping sounds that tend to come out of the smaller breeds.

    So i have a GSD, who is 46kg
    and a Bordeaux x Rottie at 48kg last weighing. Nowhere near a neo!
    Show us a pic of your gorgeous hunk please.

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    I reckon mine could give yours a run for his money .. weighing in at a massive 4.9 Kilos! hahah.. I like big dogs too, but I somehow ended up with one of the littlest ones, lol. Circumstances I guess, my yard's big enough, but not really big dog suitable. If I ever get another dog it'd be a toss up between a dane and a mastiff.

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