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Thread: Me and my babies say hello :)

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    Default Me and my babies say hello :)

    Hi everyone
    I recently only joined and am still finding out how to use the forum as it is a bit confusing lol
    A bit of background on me..
    I'm 19 years old living in nsw.
    I am studying to be a veterinary nurse and am in my second year and absolutely love it.
    I have two dogs, one ridgeback x (I think) and one purebred Great Dane.
    My ridgie x is 7 months and my Dane is 14 weeks.
    They are my absolute world and I couldn't imagine my life with out them!
    I study by correspondence full time which means I am home almost every day of the week.
    I am very involved with my dogs, they come absolutely everywhere with me.
    They are my fury children lol.

    I rescued my ridgie x from some horrible people at only 5 weeks of age she was taken from mum at around 3 weeks. We have had some behavioural problems because of this but we are slowly overcoming them, she suffers sever separation anxiety. She would have to be one of the most intelligent dogs I have ever had and really enjoys agility and learning new things everyday. She is far from timid and just loves people and other dogs. She had a couple of friends at the dog park but she is a very very vocal player and I think her friends owners where getting a bit worried so they no longer come. (She wouldn't hurt a fly) lol
    So about a month ago we decided to get her a mate.

    Growing up I have always been surrounded by Great Danes so I thought it was time I should get one of my very own we contacted a breeder and decided to go meet the pups, 2 and a half hours later we came home with my baby girl Aura who is now 14 weeks. She has already outgrown Luna and is weighing in at just over 20kg, I can no longer pick her up lol although she still sits in my lap
    She is a blue with gorgeous green eyes. She is a doofus, sometimes runs into door and trips over her own lanky legs lol. She is also very intelligent, although does not pick things up as quickly as Luna but she gives it a go. She is honestly a couch potato lol, she would rather be inside in front of the heater then outside running around with a ball... What a hard life she has lol

    Luna at around 4-5 months

    Luna today

    Luna snuggled up on the lounge

    Aura at 9 weeks

    Aura chewing a bone

    Stole a toilet roll lol

    Aura just after she woke up

    Hope you enjoy the photos of my girls <3
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    They are just beautiful, wish I could come over for hugs!

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    Gorgeous dogs! they sound very well loved too!
    I adore Great Danes, i never used to like them, but some friends of mine recently got two and i have since fallen in love with the breed! Although i dont think i'll ever be in the position to own one myself.

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    Welcome aboard your pooch's. They are soon going to eat you out of house and home !!!

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    Welcome, what lovely dogs. You will soon get the hang of the forum and enjoy yourself.

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    Funniest story I ever heard about a great dane - was how owner got home to find house had been broken into - and the dog was hiding under their bed.

    Obviously not much into scaring off the burglars - though most of the owner's friends were scared of it. And I don't know how it managed to fit under the bed.

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    Hahahaha that's great!
    Yes they are big spooky la la's
    Luna is my little guard dog
    Aura on the other hand I could see running away with her tail between her legs lol.. Idiot child :P

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    Hi Ebonyrose, your fur children are beautiful...enjoy the forum
    “All his life he tried to be a good person. Many times, however, he failed. For after all, he was only human. He wasn't a dog.”
    ― Charles M. Schulz

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