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    Smile Hi everyone!

    Hi there, I just found and joined this forum today. Looking forward to reading up on lots of interesting topics.

    After losing our 12 yo German Shepherd in August last year we've made the decision to get a new dog. I really miss having a dog.

    I would like to get something smaller (below knee height) and one that doesn't shed quite so much as my old boy did . Have done quite a bit of research already but still undecided, a couple of thoughts so far are miniature schnauzer, or a cross breed like a schnoodle or a spoodle.

    Anyway we''re not in a hurry and can take our time in deciding. I did send an email enquiry off to an interstate breeder today, so I'm looking forward to hearing back on that. In the meantime, lots of research to do. This looks like a great to do that.

    Also haven't ruled out adopting an older dog.

    Look forward to meeting you all around the forum!


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    G'day name. Sorry to hear about your old dog.

    I joined here after loosing my 14 year old Ridgeback and was considering a new pup. A sad but exciting time for you.....
    Have a good read of some of the threads on here about backyard breeders who breed designer might change your mind about spoodles and the like. Whatever you get i wish ya the best of luck.

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    Welcome to the forum! As Sean said definitely have a read through the threads about 'ooodle' type dogs. Good luck on your search for a new family member!

    There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.

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    Hi, welcome to the forum

    Sorry to hear about your German Shepherd, it's great to hear though that your keen to have another dog in your life. There are plenty looking for a great home.

    A rescue or ANKC registered breeder are both good options.
    Apart from the shedding and smaller size you would probably want to consider the general temperament of the breed as well as exercise requirements

    Two breeds that came to mind were Jack Russell's and Italian Greyhounds if you were looking for a more athletic/energetic dog.
    Hope you find a breed or (rescue) mix that works well for your lifestyle and appeals to you.

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    Hi! im a newbie too so dont feel comfortable "welcoming" you so just saying hi. i am so sorry to hear of your loss, it hurts no matter when they go but 12 years is a lot of love shared. im a big dog person, the bigger the better to be honest, but if you are after a small dog then after 12 years of German Shepard i don't think an "oodle" is the way to go, obviously every dog has its own personality but in my experience smaller and designer dogs are attention seeking, they can be yappy if they dont get that attention and they often think they are human. you need to have the type of home that can handle that, obviously you have put a fair bit of thought into it which is awesome. and also agree look well into the "breeder" of those oodle types as you might find they havent had much human contact before being sent to you.
    i have a border collie (plus 6 atm) and i think they are THE best dog.. just personally hahahaha shes just the right size for my children's ages but we bought her as newly weds and she was perfect then too. again you need to choose the right dog for your home and i hope that dog comes along soon, good luck!

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    Thanks for the welcome everyone!

    Yes, definitely lots to consider with a new dog. We don't have kids at home but do have visiting grandkids that come over quite often, from babies upwards. My partner is home during the day, so the dog won't be alone much. I'm looking forward to having a dog to take for a walk each day as well. Definitely want something that is up for that but not necessarily bouncing off the walls with energy if you know what I mean!

    Mrsburrows, I think you're right getting a small dog will be hard to get used to after having a German Shepherd, long ago I also had a chihuahua (with an enormous personality, as they do). I have to say I LOVE the border collie though, they are so clever and gorgeous as well!

    I have also given some thought to a retired greyhound, and have met a couple. I know, I know, not exactly knee height!! From what I've read they are happy to be couch potatoes, but are good company but also definitely up for exercise.

    Julianne, I will look into the Italian Greyhound, I don't think I've heard of those!

    Thanks again,


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    Welcome Greentreefrog

    Really glad you've decided to do some research before choosing your next dog.

    There are some small sized herding dogs like Shetland sheep dogs, and corgies - that would have a similar personally to your GSD, but both these still shed a fair bit. Shelties are the best fun. Very popular as agility dogs around here. There's also dogs that will keep your yard completely free of vermin and cats - like border terriers and JRT.

    Poodles, Lagotto Romagnolo, Bedlington terriers and some others - would all fit the bill of non-shedding - but - non shedding dogs need clipping every 6 to 8 weeks.

    Beware promises of non-shedding cross breeds or designer dogs - it's a genetic lottery and you can be just as likely to get a shedding dog, as a not-shedding dog that way.
    Pantone Poodles - Poodle Info - Whats in a Doodle?

    And beware of "purebreds" from breeders that have not done dna testing - poodles can be prone to some nasty genetic diseases like PRA which can lead to blindness. So make sure the breeder has checked for things like this and chosen mates to avoid.

    If you're trying to decide what breed - going to dog shows with lots of different breeds there - is a good idea - you get to meet the breeders and the dogs and get a feel for their personalites and make friends - which helps them decide in your favour when it comes to choosing who gets a puppy.

    If you don't care what breed - then is a good place to start.

    And beware of scams - often on the classifieds. There's lots of stuff about puppy scams on the net, so if you know the pattern, they're easy to spot. And they're easy to avoid if you go meet the parent dogs yourself.

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    Thanks Hyacinth! Certainly lots to think about.

    I will check out the link you've provided on the poodles. Also I had a response to my email query to the oodle breeder, the email just provided lots of photos and a price. No other information. I was not impressed. Anyway, given the reading I've been doing, I've sort of gone off that idea and am thinking more seriously about a pet rescue/adoption.

    Although I have to say I would love to own a Belgian Shephard again, I have had some experience with those, having owned two (one very briefly) quite a number of years ago. I lost my first one to snake bite and adopted the second (as a 3 year old) several years later, only the people who were selling her were not honest about the reason for getting rid of her. I found out later she suffered serious separation anxiety, poor baby, she would sit in the rain crying at the gate when someone went out - as I found out sadly from my neighbour. I didn't want to believe it but it was true. Fortunately she was rehomed to a household where someone was home all day. I was very sad about that and angry at the previous owners for not being honest. So I know there can be genuine reasons why people have to rehome their pets, but people need to be honest.

    On with the research....

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