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Thread: New Labradoodle Fan to forum

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    Smile New Labradoodle Fan to forum

    From Melbourne, getting a new labradoodle soon, gonna be my 2nd dog. Researching extensively to take care of the dog as best as I can (last dog tragically died due to getting hit by a car ). Reading mostly on Casar Millan's techniques and seem to be a big fan of it since it focus's on keeping the dog in its natural state of mind as much as possible.
    On these forums to meet other friendly dog owners and to also see what I am up against in terms of dog training.

    Feel free to talk to me, need lots of advice especially about raising a pup.

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    You won't find many labradoodle fans here i'm afraid. You probably should research where your labradoodle will be coming from - puppy farms. No respectable/ethical breeder that i'm aware of breeds crossbreeds

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    I don't agree with crossbreeding for pet purposes only as there are way too many dogs bred as "pets" even though there are many that have great personalities and looks.
    It's also a health issue given that anyone breeding two breeds together won't probably do health testing. If you find someone who cares enough to do health testing on their cross-bred dogs then I don't see an issue given the dog needs a home, though please don't spend a crazy amount of money for a dog if it encourages unethical breeding.
    If you pay the price of a quality dog, quality is what you should get.

    Whatever you decide on though, the members here will always be able to give great advice on your new pup.
    So again, welcome.
    Don't forget pics when you get your new addition
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    Welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear about your first dog!

    I will admit that as soon as I read Labradoodle I cringed. I know there are people out there working to register the labradoodle as a breed and are also working towards breeding healthy sound dogs but they are few and far in between IMO. I hope you have done extensive research into where your puppy will be coming from (if a pet store stay well away) and that you will be provided with the hip/elbow scores plus other health testing for the puppy you will be getting.

    While Ceasar Millans techniques work for him, he is experienced in that method and there is also a lot of work he does that wouldn't be shown on camera. I would definitely recommend enrolling your pup into puppy pre-school. What Ceasar does for Pit Bulls makes me a fan of his, however I would probably not attempt his training methods if you have no prior experience training dogs.

    There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.

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    Training, puppy preschool and obedience are excellent options. I am not a fan of Cesare, one size never fits all and dogs have bred a looong way from wolf.
    Consistency, firmness and rewarding effort and then refining responses are skills we all need to develop.
    He has some useful things to say and we all make up our own minds about what we want in our family.
    I must say crossing a labrador and a poodle at least had sensible premises for those allergic to dog hair. But contentious it is, crossing breeds and making out they are now a new breed.Welcome to the forum lots of good advice here.

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    Hi, my mother has a rescue labradoodle and she is a fantastic dog temperament wise but her coat is a nightmare. It is very fine and tangles and mats very easily and she has allergies. Coat type is sometimes unpredictable.

    With puppy training I tend to use toys, treats and a clicker. Ceasar has some philosophies I like, like regular exercise and regular training but for the most part I tend not to use his techniques. I like more motivational training methods.

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    I agree with the others that if you want to make sure you don't encourage puppy farms and the suffering that goes on there, you should do your research about where your pup will come from.

    I've met some labradoodle and found them a bit vanilla temperament-wise. I would always go for a standard poodle instead.

    And I am also not a fan of Cesar's methods. He has his heart in the right place and clearly what he does works for the dogs in his pack, but I think his methods are dangerous for beginners especially. If you don't know how to use them, you could potentially cause more harm than good. It is much safer to use mostly positive reinforcement training, ie. reward the good behaviour, ignore the bad. Dogs are the ultimate oppotunists. They will try to please you if they learn from experience that that brings benefits for them.

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    The Australian Labradoodle Association

    If you still want to go though with it, this is where you should be looking.
    I saw health testing and desexing contracts mentioned which is always something you should look for.

    I actually think I'm a little more open to the idea since they seem to want to go about it the right way and eventually get to the point of it being a recognized breed.

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    All breeds evolved out of cross breeding to get what was wanted and then bred to try to eliminate any perceived faults. The blue heeler that we know today is an example of that.

    Any posts made under the name of Di_dee1 one can be used by anyone as I do not give a rats.

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