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Thread: G'Day from Cairns

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    Quote Originally Posted by chubbsecurity View Post
    Hey - welcome!
    Lovely doggies and give your Bluey an extra hug from me tonight.
    How are they "awkward"?
    Thanks Chubb...extra hug given....longer smile enjoyed!! Doza loves attention..mind Rufus does to but as he's 18mo he likes to ruff it for attention.
    Awkward.. I think I'd have to start a new thread.....I assume a lot of it is jealousy on Dozas behalf (I had him alone for 10 months before Rufus came along) and he knows what I'm saying but wont do it until I ask Rufus to do it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by farrview View Post
    WElcome, my pup would go for 4 hours at the beach in a heartbeat
    Thanks for the welcome farrview....we live on the beach and the pic here is where we play about 1.5klms south of us.


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    Quote Originally Posted by maddogdodge View Post
    Welcome i love Blue Heelers and Doza is gorgeous!
    Thanks for the welcome Dozq I think so too....glad to know it isn't just me being biased??

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