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Thread: Hello, from Juda and I

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    Wink Hello, from Juda and I

    Hello there!

    I live in Ayr, Far North Queensland, with Juda, my 7 month old Bull Mastiff x "Bull Arab" (still technically not a breed). We live an active and adventurous life, constantly going for walks around the cane fields or along the local beach, going on fishing trips with my boyfriend and his Border Collie; Chisel, camping on the banks on the Burdekin River, spending weeks/weekends at my boyfriends hut at Jerona, spending hours down at the river with my best friend and her bitsa; Zena, and going on countless car rides to no where in particular.

    I first met Juda 2 days before my mum left my dad with my younger brother and sister. We had 2 dogs at that time; Boss, our blue Cattle dog and Carla, our red stumpy tail Cattle dog cross Dingo. Mum had decided that she was going to take Carla with her, as well as our Ragdoll cross Eugene, when she left dad. I thought that Boss might get lonely as he had lived with Carla for quite some time and loves to play with her. Of course I didn't bring this idea up with my parents with fear of being rejected, however I had my mind set on a puppy.

    I had grown up with a "Bull Arab" named Benson when I was younger. He was a big, solid, 50 kg+ bag of drool and love. He was the best dog in the world and from that day on I had fallen in love with the "Australian Hunting Dog". However due to our living situation at the time (we moved to a house with a smaller yard) we had to get rid of Benson. I don't think I had cried so much in my life. A few years later we had found ourselves with 2 Cattle dogs, my dads favourite, however I still ached for a large dog like Benson.

    My sister had a friend who had a Bull Arab bitch who had just had a litter of 10 puppies, all ready to go to a home. So that weekend I decided to have a look, the only problem was that there were two left, and an hour later only one. My boyfriend tried to talk me out of seeing the lonely puppy and we eventually agreed on going "for a look only". He is such a sucker. The second I saw Juda it was love at first site. She was a small black puppy with over sized skin, paws and ears with a lazy eye and the sookiest nature I have ever seen. The second I picked her up she put her big paws on my face and licked me. I looked at my boyfriend and he smiled, knowing that this wasn't "Just a look", but the start of a life long friendship. Now a few months down the track my small black puppy has grown into a 26kg hole digging, plant chewing, fish eating, mower chasing, over enthusiastic, over sized lap dog.

    But I wouldn't have her any other way.

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    Hi 'Sailmaster' and Juda - to the forum !

    What a beautiful looking little (?) pup you have there in Juda ! Thank you for the photos - and don't be shy when putting up more !

    Just love your description of her ! My pup who is coming up for 6 years old soon - still thinks he is a lap dog - so they never lose that trait !

    Hope you enjoy being a member of this forum.

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    Welcome to the forum Sailmaster!

    I too have a seven month old bull mastiff cross bull arab puppy. Sometimes you forget that they are still puppies considering the size of them (mine is just under 50kilos at the moment). They are a great dog and such characters.
    Couldn't agree more with your description either. If they're not sitting on you they're leaning against you.
    Your's is a beautiful looking girl and more pictures would be great
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    RileyJ- Thank you, and she isn't so little anymore And my goodness, that would be funny, seeing your 6 year old crawling into your lap. CUTE! And I don't imagine Juda will loose that trait, she is too much of a cuddle monster

    tkandz- Thank you, and I know what you mean! Sometimes I forget that Juda is only 7 months old, she looks so much older. Whoah, Just under 50kg, that's one big puppy. And I agree, they are great characters They are very touchy dogs, they like to be in contact with you as much as they can!

    I have attached more pictures, enjoy


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    More photos - thank you ! Just love them ! What a beautiful looking pup she is !

    The size of her feet and knuckles - - she will grow into a big girl !!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sailmaster View Post
    Great photo! Juda looks ready to jump up for a good time in an instant. I love dogs that can do this! It's unfortunate about your situation, My mom kicked my dad out when I was young and we had a couple dogs too. They really help (plus they loved the extra attention). Anyway, great photos, you have a good looking puppy!
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    Lovely, lovely Dog!!
    What a big bundle of love she is.
    Reminds me a bit of my boy, I can see the GSP (from the bull arab side)
    in her. It sounds like she has the personality also.
    Wishing you a long and happy life together!

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