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Thread: Howdy from O'Ryan and Me!

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    Wink Howdy from O'Ryan and Me!

    Well, hi there fellow forum surfers! I'm Mindy, and I chose to stop in and say hello! I've been a pet owner since day one of my life: starting from fish and gerbals, to a family Shiba-Inu and cat, to my own cat and mix-breed old man/dog.
    OOOOMBA 056.jpg
    Seeing as O'Ryan was my first ever pet that I had to maintain a feeding and bathroom schedule, he quickly became the love of my life, best friend, and permanant toddler. I met him and fell in love. Being right out of college and living in a not so fantasic neighborhood, I knew I needed a friend to get me through tough situations. I started looking at breeds in the local "puppy mill". Good looking dogs, but definately not in my budget (aka, I don't have a grand to payoff my loans, let alone a puppy that isn't fixed, wormed, trained, or anything). I moved on to the local shelters, where still, was about 150 for the adopton of a dog, but none of them caught my eye. So I had an idea. Why not look at Craigslist for a dog who is needing to be re-homed.
    I had a couple dogs picked out, sent messages, made phone calls, all to no avail. The situation was looking grim. Then I saw him. O'Ryan was an adult (so I didn't need to potty train) nearing 5 years old. I met up with him and his owner's parents. Due to a weird moving situation, he ended up with them and they already had two breeding huskies. He was causing turmoil with the male over domaniancy. While at the dog park we had set up as the meeting area, I got the low down on my new family member and was in love. He's been with me for almost two years now, and he's so well behaved and has the biggest heart. My whole family loves him, and my mom even makes sure he gets treats when we go home for Christmas and other occasions. I decided to look into forums because I still am quite unsure what breed he might be.
    He recently mated with my boyfriend's pit/lab mix, and I really didn't know what to tell the people who took a puppy as to what exactly they were. After a lot of research, I know he has to be related to the Austrailian Koolie. Due to some differences in size and weight, I know he's a mix breed but I can't just quite figure out what. So that's it. My ultimate goal is to get some insight as to what he may be (but I will definately get the right thread to address that later).
    So that's our story. He's going on 7 years young now. I'll take me scraggly looking, no hair on his butt due to skin disorder, broken front teeth rescue. And the funniest thing out of it all? I'm positive he's rescued me more than I did him. <3

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    Welcome to the forum I think we would all agree with your sentiments about attachment to out respective pooches.
    You probably need to post some photos to get some ideas about the breeds involved.

    I will make you aware that as a forum we do get concerned with random mixed breeding, as there are, as you obviously know, so many dogs desperately needing homes.Sad to potentially add to the number.
    My personal view is that unless you are willing to microchip each one and be willing to be responsible for them for life if something should go wrong, they shouldn't be bred.

    However I can see that you love your boy to bits and he has been and is a joy to you. So my main message is, hello

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    Hi Mindy, welcome to the forum, pics are a must

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