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Thread: New and Enthused

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    Welcome, She's beautiful

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    Good looking puppy! I'm new here too, so hi and hello...

    Anyway, I have a bit of a situation you could help me out with. I'm from the US and married an Australian and now we are in AUS. I wasn't able to bring my dogs with me My wife is a cat person and I am all dog. We needed to come to some middle ground and I have never seen a cog or a dat so it is tough.

    But there is a ray of hope:We went to the Melbourne Royal Show last year and she saw the adopt a greyhound booth and fell in love with them. I have never thought of adopting a greyhound before and I know nothing about them. So down to the question: What are the pros and cons in your opinion of adopting a greyhound? (and yes, I know cons are hard to come by, but please be honest) Are they high maintenance, do they need special care, what types of activities work best...and so on.

    Thanks in advance
    Travis Barr, Manager
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