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    my name is Natalie and i have 3 staffies ( 2 males ) and a very dominant female :P

    our dogs are our babies and live inside with us i found this site as 1 of my dogs has a grass allergy and a horrid itchy red tummy and i was looking for some help im glad i stumbled across this site

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    Welcome - share some photos

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    Hi Natalie, welcome to the forum you will find lot's of interesting and amusing information here!
    Good luck with your furbubs grass allergy

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    hi NatandPoonie

    Welcome to the forum.

    SBT often get rashes from grass. Sometimes from diet. And some breed lines are more prone - ie the "rare" blue SBT.

    My dog which is an ACDx farm dog bitsa also gets a rash if she spends too much time doing the frog commando crawl on the grass - which she likes to do by way of greeting other dogs. I put a large beach towel - big enough for her to crawl on (cos it feels good), on a cheap plastic tarp - on the back lawn and I encourage her to choose to stay there - by giving her treats and pats and brushing - there more than elsewhere in the back yard.

    So when she's out there and she wants to sleep on the lawn, she sleeps on the towel instead.

    I have to peg it down when it's windy (or put 2l milk containers on the corners).

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    Hi 'natandpoonie' and to the forum !

    Have a look at this website -

    to give you some ideas and help with the 'itchies' of one of your pups.

    Would love to see some photos of your pups - please ?

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    how do i upload pics of my babies?? i have a lot :P

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    i posted 6 down in the photos and photography section

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    Hey Nat..welcome to the forum.

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    Hi Nat and welcome. A lot of allergies can be caused by stuff in the dogs diet. Try switching to a grain free product. If that does not work, take all chicken based products out. If it still does not improve then swith again to a lamb free product.
    Nev Allen
    Border River Pet Resort

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    im almost 100% positive that its from our grass we have very thick cooch grass and if milly stays inside her tummy doesnt flair up but when she gets out the back on the thats it. i have looked for wandering jew we dont have any. my husband does use hammer and roundup to kill off weeds but so far i havent noticed her go near any of them but i cant be certain that she hasnt. i have purchased the carigold tea to bathe her in and ordered cream for her tummy from the vets. her tummy does seem to improve the more i keep her inside

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