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    Long time Miniature Pinscher owner, first time forum member!

    I've got two Miniature Pinschers (7yo and 2yo) and just had two new puppies join the house "pack" last week! I'm not a registered breeder and our litter was a planned one-off, but I am excited to see these puppies born and am looking forward to raising them from day zero!

    I actually joined first, but had a bad experience with their forum members and admin. I had posted a question asking for some help about puppy growth and was quoted: "we don't support backyard breeders". I thought I was quite polite about everything but my login was restricted and I guess their forum admin ignored my request for help ... So I Googled some more and found this website!

    I'm really excited about having these new puppies and really want to chat with other members about their Miniature Pinschers, training and puppies!

    I develop computer software and am lucky enough to work from home 95% of the time. I knocked up a custom web-cam setup so my friends and family can check up on the puppies ... Plus I can sneak a peak on my iPhone when I'm not in the house!

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    welcome to the forums
    I was expelled from dogs online too HAHA

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    hello and

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    It's lovely to see your little ones being such members of your family from day one. I'm sure it will be fantastic to share their whole lives, from the very first breath!!

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    A delayed reaction here , welcome to the forums .
    GageDesign Pet Photography
    Site still in construction so will post link when it's finished.

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    Hi and from us too!

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