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    Hyacynth. That's a brilliant short sharp snappy breakdown of JRT's there!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brian Widjaja View Post
    Oh i see.
    I wanted a Japanese Spitz because... I don't know.. they look .. awesome haha.
    And I've been researching and I think I may be alright with training him...
    Uhm.. I think when I get a dog I'll post up a thread and tell everyone how I go
    Thanks for all the help everyone
    This is the description I've found on temperament online...

    The Japanese Spitz is a high-spirited, intelligent, and playful dog, which is alert and obedient. This bold little dog is a good watchdog and will alert its owners when it feels it is necessary. The Japanese Spitz is not difficult to train as long as the owner is always consistent. This breed learns quickly and really enjoys agility and playing games of catch with balls or Frisbees. This happy dog is usually good with children and usually gets along well with other dogs and household pets. The Japanese Spitz is, in spirit, a big dog in a little dog's body. This tough little dog acts as a house protector and guardian. The Japanese Spitz can be an inveterate barker if you allow them to believe they are in charge. Be sure to tell your dog enough is enough and to quiet down if he starts barking obsessively. Cheerful, bold, proud and affectionate toward its masters. Make sure you are this dog's firm, confident, consistent pack leader to avoid Small Dog Syndrome, human induced behavior problems. When dogs are allowed to be pack leader to humans they can developed many types of behavior issues, including, but not limited to, being suspicious of and barking at strangers, guarding, separation anxiety, destructiveness, snapping, and even biting. These are not Spitz traits, but rather behaviors resulting in a lack of leadership on the humans part. Always remember, dogs are canines, not humans. Be sure to meet their natural instincts as animals. They need rules to follow, limits to what they are and are not allowed to do and a firm, consistent, confident pack leader, along with daily mental and physical exercise.
    How are you going to go with grooming as well? I can imagine you would need to have a predominantly inside dog and brush every day to keep the coat nice. I know at 14 I didn't have the time to put into maintaining a dog with school and socialising. It only gets worse as you get older as well... and dogs aren't cheap.

    You should not get a dog "just cause they look awesome" you should get a dog because its temperament and breed traits fit in with your family life.

    There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.

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    Brian W

    We'd really appreciate it if you post where you plan to get your puppy from here before you make a committment with the breeder / supplier. There seriously are a lot of dodgy Jap Spitz breeders around at the moment because of the popularity and $$$, if you don't go to an ANKC breeder and get a registered with the ANKC (not just council) puppy - you can't even be sure the dog is what they say it is.

    Make sure you check all the boxes on the responsible breeder list I posted. Meet the parent dogs. And see all important promises by the breeder in writing. And the best breeders should be asking you lots of questions about why you want that breed - and they might like something besides "so darn cute". Eg more laid back than a husky, and a more manageable size for starters. But if you've done your research that would be a good start.

    Someone with puppies right now - is probably dodgy - given how popular they are. You would just get ripped off because you couldn't wait.

    I will ask someone who has JS and was an active member here to come back and let you know his favourite breeders.

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    Hi Brian.
    Hyacinth has asked me to come over here to help you with questions..

    First off, have you read this article I posted quite a while back ?

    Just gives a bit of background info about JS..

    I am a breeder of JS, but at the moment, I am not planning any litters till around 2nd quarter of next year.

    May I recommend a book called
    Japanese Spitz
    Special Rare Breed Edition
    A Comprehensive Owners Guide

    Published by Kennel Club Books. Author Michael P. Rule.

    This is an excellent book and is supplied with each of our pups.

    Feel free to PM me with any questions as I may not see any posts here.

    Quote Originally Posted by bernie View Post
    Japanese Spitz have breed specific legislation in UK, not sure about Aus. They are banned in uk in much same way as pitbulls are now band in victoria Aus. Due to some fighting dogs, and propaganda shite.
    OK Bernie, You have my interest here. What is the issue with JS in the UK. I have not seen or heard of any issues with JS regards BSL . I'm sure I would have seen it on the UK based JS forums if there was an issue.

    Hyacinth, funny you should contact me today of all days.. 27th wedding anniversary, and I sent my Mrs up to Cairns to visit Miss Panda from our first litter. Just got off the phone to her. She says Miss Panda recognized her straight away !!
    Then she got out the cloth that we rubbed on Kuro and Kirri (her dad and mum) this morning and she just went crazy. She won't let anyone take the cloth from her !

    Mitte  14

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    Hey guys !
    I'm sorry I don't reply often, but my phone for some reason can not access this website so I have to use a computer, which i dont always have access to...
    Uhm... Well, grooming isn't going to be a problem.. And my brothers are also contributing to taking care of a dog... For example, I will be taking care of it mostly, and during my exams, my older brother jumps in and my little brother will help every so often...
    I am not getting a dog "cause it looks awesome". I'm interested in this particular breed cause it looks awesome
    Hope you understand... Uhm... Yep. I've been researching dogs for a couple of years now... Cause... I am a very bored person LOL !

    I've been emailing around and I've found a couple of breeders. I do not mind who I get my puppy from as long as it is not a puppy mill, and the puppy is getting treated well and has been raised and bred properly...

    Wow ! Thanks for all the references
    I'll PM you now

    Thanks everyone !

    OH YEAH ! Last night I had a dream that I got a JS puppy !!! It was so awesome !! And than I woke up !! LOL

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    Brian, A PM has been sent back to you with further details.  14

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