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Thread: Hiya

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    Okay still getting used to the workings of this forum Thanks for the welcomes, guys!

    Deerhound- how wonderful Lady Arwen is still with you, what a lovely girl she is The youngsters must keep her on her toes hehe.
    Ziva just turned 2 years; wow it has been a long time!! Caber is almost 5
    At 10 months, we are still waiting for Nessa's brain to appear... occasionally she shows a spark of intelligence but she's rather, um, ditzy much of the time. Lovely sweet dog but yeah, not smart :P Lassie she ain't! Always look out for the Deerhounds

    Ozeymum- thank you. I will post some pictures here shortly, but in the meantime, have a look at my (under construction!!) website for a few of the 'kids' Home
    Yep, Ziva is from NCIS- love the sound of it and when I looked it up, found it meant 'Splendour' or 'Splendid' which I thought was fitting (am superstitious about names!!!), so she wasn't named after the character as such (actually I hated the character at the time I got Z!), but it suits 'cos she's little but you don't wanna mess with her :P

    Anne- thanks was wondering where you'd gotten to!!

    Occy- oooh can't wait to see your new bub When it gets here lol. And yes will definitely see you in the ring as the smoothie is on right before the sheps! And we are looking to do more weekend shows and staying over night etc so might even make it up your way!
    So sorry to hear about your guys If only they were around longer.....

    DR- okay what dogs do you have now??? LOL good on ya. It's so weird just having the 3... and for 5 months last year we only had the 2 Borders. That was very strange......

    Morgan, GoodiesGirl, Magdalena and hippo- thanks for the welcomes and look forward to getting to know you guys

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    I like your signature They are beautiful!!!
    Last year easter I was dog sitting the border terrier of my boss. I love them, such cute little dogs!

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    I have added a siggie pic of all my pack. I guess the new ones would be Khai...pharaoh hound. Akira...GSD. Gus...I call him a shitty frise [shih tzu x bichon] LOL.
    Hasn't Ziva grown? Look forward to hearing all about her achievements. Cabers too of course.
    The more people I meet, the more I like my dogs.

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    GageDesign Pet Photography
    Site still in construction so will post link when it's finished.

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    My dog is my best friend and helps me though those hard days.

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