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Thread: Luka. Siberian Husky x Mastiff

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    Default Luka. Siberian Husky x Mastiff

    Hello all.

    I am introducing Luka.

    His mother is a Siberian Husky x Maremma (bother her parents were purebred. His mother is the colour and markings of the Sibe Husky and the stance of a Maremma.

    Luka's dad is a Mastiff from next door to the original owner of Luka.

    I have had Luka from 9 weeks of age and he is currently 10 weeks old now.

    He is an adorable little man who we love dearly. he sleeps with us on our waterbed. Which he just loves. We are training him not on our pillows though, only the doona cover area.
    He is a joy to train, extremely intelligent. 99 percent of the time we can get him outside on command of toilet. He is fussy about where he does his stuff. Never does it on our paths. Thank god

    He seems to have wonderful recall except when he gets a little distracted and recall takes a little bit longer. I do however only walk him with a leash and not off. We live out in the bush at present which is lucky as we can walk him without the worry of him not having his full vaccinations yet. No other dogs around to pass on diseases. He is due for his second shot now.

    Luka we believe will be a big dog as at 9 weeks of age he was 9.4 kilo (20.72 pounds).

    He loves to chew and dig. Can be destructive so we are trying to curb that in the direction of his toys. Not our furnishings.

    We are on The Husky owners forum but I put us here also so we might have a chance to meet people from Australia.

    Thanks for having us



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    Luka is really cute! he sounds like he is full of character!

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    beautiful looking puppy - congrats

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    to the forum! Luca is really cute. Keep in mind though with regard to the vaccinations that diseases like parvo virus can be transferred by things like shoes, so other unvacinate dogs do not have to actually be around!

    There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.

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    Hi Laura. What a cute pup. Hope it all goes well.
    Just a bit of friendly advice from a Mastiff owner......dont let him get to used to the bed as he will be a big dog just like you said. And they bloody snore REALLY, REALLY BADLY !!! LOL.
    I'd get them needles ASAP aswell just in case. Would hate to see the little fella get sick.

    Hope ya hang around so we can watch Luca grow up. He's a interesting mix.

    Just out of curiosity do you know what sort of Mastiff dad was?

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    Education is important, but big biceps are more importanter ...

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    No Sean, sorry I do not. I got Luka from a pet shop. Yes I have heard all the bad cop about buying Luka from a Pet Shop after I bought him. I will not be visiting those forums again telling me he is just a mutt in a lengthy post from some people. They did it ever so rudely and it upset me. I know he is a mutt but he is my adorable mutt. And...doggonit they can make the best dogs lol.
    Luckily the pet shop had where Luka was born and I rang the guy who really cared about these little pups. I just didn't think to ask what breed of Mastiff. Luka doesn't seem to have the full ear of a Mastiff as they are longer I believe. They are slowly but surely coming up too so it looks like Luka might end up with a stand up ears. I have heard this can take until around 10 months of age to occur. Have not heard the snoring yet or seen any drool thank god. mastiffs do that too. I think Luka seems to have adopted most of the Sibe Husky breed.

    I read the comments on the bullsky thread too and noticed peoples not so pleased reaction. Especially since I have such a pup.

    One of Luka's siblings that was at the shop with him had brindle markings is all I know. The original owner found homes for the others but these 2 who went to the pet shop. He also said Luka was a little charachter from the moment he opened his eyes. I can imagine that lol. He is here at home too.

    When we can find our permanent home (either a long term rental or our own bought house or farm) I would like to get Luka a pure Sibe either from a breeder or a rescue. I have not decided from where yet. But right now I have to be responsible and wait to be fair.

    Luka also will be desexed soon. I do not want to contribute to more unwanted pups. He is not pure either. I just could not in my heart breed dogs knowing that some might end up with awful fates of having a home one minute and on death row the next or abused.

    He will absolutely be having all his injections (had his first at 6 weeks/ vet checked and due again now) and getting micro chipped. I could not bear to lose him. His name means Bearer of Light and Luka has been exactly that.

    Thanks for the welcome

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    Dont be to fazed about the people calling him a mutt. Thats not your fault thats the owners or breeders of the parents.

    We have members on here who have bought from back yard breeders and pet stores aswell so please dont feel like the odd one out. I nearly bought a pet store puppy myself a while back before i found out about what goes on with these poor pups.

    At the end of the day he's yours now and it dosnt matter at all where he came from. As long as he's well loved and cared for it dosnt matter if a dogs a purbreed or a 'mutt'.
    I've owned a mutt before and he was more of a mate to me than i could ever hope for. Try not to let these types of people bother you, they are probably jealous thier $2000 dog isnt a cute as yours.

    Quote Originally Posted by reyzor View Post
    Education is important, but big biceps are more importanter ...

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    Thank you Sean.

    Love your sig btw, Footrot Flatts is a fav of mine.

    Cannot seem to get my sig to work however
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    Adorable..........LOL........I agree with Sean, he might get to big for the bed and kick you out ....And I know all about snoring dogs too

    Don't forget to socialise him though, especially since he is going to be a big is very important for the first few weeks of life, before 16 weeks to get your puppy used to lots of different things

    Lots of dogs of all sizes and breed (make sure they are friendly and vaccinated or titred) lots of people of different ages, sizes and ethnicities.......Puppies are like sponges at this age and very trusting so they get used to and will be friendly dogs. Which in todays world of paranoia is the most important thing for dogs.

    Hi and welcome to this Forum

    here are some really good FREE books to read from Ian Dunbar, just follow the links........they always help

    Free Downloads | Dog Star Daily

    I hope you enjoy the free books........
    Pets are forever

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    Thank you Newfsie

    I am way to scared to take him out with other dogs until he has all his shots.

    We made the mistake with another dog we had Kirra. We took her out right after her third shot and she got a very bad case of kennel cough somehow that nearly cost her life the vet said. Apparently we were not allowed to take her out until 4 weeks after her last shot to ensure it had time to work. Or at least this is what one vet said.

    I love books Love to read.

    Ohhh well looks like I will be saving up for a king size waterbed then lol...the QZ is fine for now.

    I have tried to separate him but he howls something horrid and I mean howl. True to his Husky he can howl, cry, be loud lol..

    Some recommend crating him but I cannot afford one atm.

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