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Thread: Luka. Siberian Husky x Mastiff

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    Thanks ...from speaking to the original owner this was an unplanned litter but he spoke with alot of love for Luka's mum. We had a great conversation. I am glad he took my call when I was trying to find answers about Luka. Luka will not get the chance to contribute to any unplanned litters. 185.00 to have him de Not cheap. I thought it was cheaper than that. Wonder what a female costs then. Still doing it but wow !!
    Luka will have his second injection Thursday and micro chipped.
    Have to agree with you about the vet probably being the most unsafe, hate the smell in there too. But then so are our human doctors. You sit in the waiting room susceptible to all the virus's that people come in for. The flu one they could just stay in bed for. But they don't. Oskars what makes you think that -big grin-
    I have a video of him on photobucket too which is adorable.

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    $185 is pretty good value for a trip to the vet. And female desex is roughly double.

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    If you find a vet afflilated with this - you may be able to get a discount or payment plan if you need.

    For my dog, the annual C5 and wormers and flea treatments from the vet cost about that. I can't seem to get away from a vet visit for less than $100. And we've had a few - especially in the first year for eating naughty things. It's cheaper to have dog vomit up strapping tape from sports ovals than an operation to get it out when it gets stuck in the gut.

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