Oh I have been with the limited exercise, feel a bit mean when we go to my sisters for a vist cause that's where his favorite cat cousin lives and they can only peer at one another while he's crated. Silly cat tries to entice Maxi into a game of chasey not realizing Maxi can't follow.

Thanks Nev for the heads up about lagoon temps, will have a scout around, if not its the bath tub and a high elec bill.

Going to take him to vet on Mon as his left leg the one they had a little trouble with during surgery, looks a bit knobby than his right, noticing he doesn't bear as much weight on it as the right. When sitting it is out more from his body than his right, or do you think I'm stressing to much. Though he has come along way in the space of nearly three weeks, as he is not doing the walking on front paws as he was in the first week home.

Newfie...Katy sounds like a real gem how she communicates her needs and wants, one smart dog. I'm still working my boy out, he sits at my feet scratches the chair when I attempt to pick him up for a cuddle he goes and lays on his bed looking at me. I pick him up for a cuddle and he is snoring in two seconds flat.