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Thread: Please Give Me Space notice?

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    Newf that is fantastic! I have erm..'borrowed' that

    And dog should be allowed to just rush upto any another dog. And in particular if you're dog is already showing signs of reaction or you the owner have expressed your concern. I would be livid if someone put Tonk in jeapordy by ignoring me whilst saying "but my dog is friendly"....
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    I would think having a friendly happy dog approaching your dog with anxiety issues would be a good thing
    Not without agreement from the anxious dog's owner.

    Loads of happy friendly dogs approach in an extremely rude manner in terms of doggy body language. They're too upright, they approach too fast and too direclty. Especially many badly trained labradors - who usually finish their rude appoach by jumping all over the anxious dog and their now upset owner.

    There is nothing good or reassuring for the anxious dog in this.

    There's very few dogs who make their friendly approach - non threatening as well. My dog does. She approaches indirectly, there's loads of sniffing and licking - depending on what the other dog is doing, and then a nice safe 2m (or more) away, there is the belly crawl. And if the other dog approaches for a sniff - the roll over and spread legs to facilitate a safe sniff. It's hysterically funny but even the anxious dogs are happy with that. But even if they're not - she's fast to back off if they get nasty.

    I always call "is your dog friendly" and get a yes answer before letting her complete her approach.

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    Funnily enough my Katy is a dog who approaches other dogs. But even small dogs do not mind...She does not crawl, but she does go sideways and lowers her head, or drops in front of them...She must give off friendly vibes, because even the anxious, nervy dogs at the kennel club seem to like her.
    People always say my dog does not like "big dogs" or "black dogs" and then they meet Katy and their owners are surprised. That is why she is my Beginners Demo dog, she calms a class and lets me know what the dogs are like. She is great for BAT exercises, people can get really close quickly and from her we move on to Lukey, he is also friendly, but not as "low"......
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hyacinth View Post
    K9 Pro The K9 Professionals; Online Dog Shop has these

    Our dog club uses bandanas as scarves over the dog's collar to remind people to give the dog space, but a harness with a sign may make it easier in other places.
    I actually looked into the patches the K9Pro provide. While they are informative for people that can see it, they aren't actually big enough to read unless you are pretty close to the dog, voiding the effectiveness of the sign. If the dog is fearful they probably freaked out and ran away/growled before the person even got a chance to read it...

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    Pohm will approach ANY dog, but i have yet to meet a dog that does 'submissive' snaky happy dance, approaching in leaps into play bows. A plethora of 'im no threat' have saved her life i reckon.

    We meet many 'my dog doesnt like rotties/black dogs etc" thankfully, she's not come a cropper yet. Perhaps because where we exercise, most dogs are off leash as its bush. And off leash, dogs can communicate loud and clear, way before contact.

    But having owned a 'do not approach dog', out of courtesy, i will ask, if its a no, i call her back, or drop her till i can put a leash on.

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    They are from black dog wear, just google them located in the basin in Vic

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