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Thread: Discusting toilet behaviour...

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    Default Discusting toilet behaviour...

    A friend of mine at work took possession of a 8 week old female Chihuahua x foxie which she is keeping for her mum for 6 months.

    She has had the pup now for 2 months, is a great dog owner who cares very much for animals, the dog is mainly inside.

    This little dog wees and poos EVERYWHERE all the time.

    Apart from the floor, she poos in the car, in her water and food bowls, up the walls and more recently on a visitors foot.

    My friend has always taken her out every half hour, and after I suggested she crate her at night and through the day when she cant watch her, she did so but as she is unable to afford a crate..used a cardboard box which was quickly shredded.

    She is really trying very hard to train her by taking her out ALL the time and praising her when she does something, but she usually dosent and waits till she goes back inside.

    Im not even sure if a crate will help as if she goes in her food bowl, she will have no qualms going in the crate which is what she did in the box.
    I have never heard of a pup that poos up walls and in water and food bowls and wonder if anyone else has had a pup that does this, she is 4 months old now and its just getting worse.

    She also has her own pup that is 8 months old and was perfectly toilet trained by almost 3 months old with very few accidents till then.
    I wonder if anyone else has known a pup that has such discusting toilet manners?
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    Good Morning CavQld

    My first question is what are you doing up at 3.05am????? Shiftworker, insomniac or vampire

    Never heard anything like it in my life. Does the little dog seem to have limited control of her bladder and bowel? Maybe her muscle control is still quite weak and when she needs to go, she needs to go! Hopefully she will outgrow this behaviour.

    Was there anything questionable about her at birth - was she the runt or slow to get her first breath etc. Has she met all her other milestones? I am curious as to how the owner describes her - is she sweet, devil child or anxious/nervous? It is like she has no personal boundaries or manners, isn't it. She is still quite young - does the owner think she is a little slow. Could there be brain damage?

    Hopefully the vet might have some magical answers as I am guessing pup is due for a visit for vaccinations.

    I once owned a dog who I loved to bits but his disgusting habit was eating road kill but only after rolling on it! Walk would end with a wash and me avoiding that great big tongue he wanted to lick my face with. Mind you I would not trade his habit for the one you described above any day.

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    I would also do a vet check-up first....Was she taken away from her litter early? Or from a single puppy litter?
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    Small breeds have smaller bladder and bowels and can't hold on as long, so tend to take a little longer to toilet train, but this case sounds like you need a vet check first and then maybe a behaviorist visit.

    In the water and food bowls sounds particularly worrying since the pup has been there for two months.

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    Being such a small breed, you wouldn't necessarily have to buy a proper crate, I got my guy a cat carry cage from a cheap shop, it's the perfect size for him and it was around $32. I also have a couple of those round stuffed bed/mats and I put one in the cage and if he happens to have an accident in there (only ever happened once or twice over night at the start), then you can just pull out the soiled one and put in a clean one, I think those beds are only $7 from kmart. I hope there's nothing more seriously wrong with the pup and good luck with the toileting.

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    SMALL 24' Collapsible Metal Pet Dog Cat Crate / Cage - Vebo Pet Supplies Sydney

    If the person can't afford one of these $55, there's not going to be much joy paying for a vet visit.

    I am inclined to think there is something wrong with the puppy, but also notice the training description seems inconsistent.

    I'm wondering what the owner is cleaning up with, and what they do when they discover a crap in progress and when they discover one later... is the puppy somehow getting encouraged by the owner's behaviour?

    But the most important thing would be to out wait the dog - ie the dog does not get to come back inside until the crap has appeared in the right place. Then heaps of praise, maybe some treats and the dog gets to come in. And full supervision inside. How does the dog get the opportunity to mess in all those places? Ie a second of inattention from the owner - and the dog learns it's ok to crap anywhere it likes. Though why it likes the food bowl is beyond me. Is there something about the food?

    And she would be wise to train the dog to crap on command. Ie when the dog goes where it should, say the word...

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    Probably a mixture of anxiety and not having been raised in a large enough area, eg breeder kept the litter in too small an area as they were starting on solid food and they learned to toilet near their eating and sleeping areas.

    The owner needs to be more observant and get puppy out to the toilet area quicker.

    I currently have a pup from a breeder who kept the litter more confined (due to building works next door) and he is proving to be more challenging to toilet train than any other pup I've even bred or bought. I watch him like a hawk and have even erected an outdoor umbrella strapped to a fence star picket so I'm protected from the current crappy Sydney weather.

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    To my mind crates are a must for pups and house training. Makes it a whole lot easier. Crate the pup over night but there must be a wake up call at least once so the pup can be carried outside to do his business - lavish praise when he does.
    Crate him in the day when unable to keep an eye on him or leash him to the carer.
    If crates are out of the question then use kiddy gates to fence in the bathroom or kitchen. Put down lots of news paper and over two weeks gradually reduce the area covered with paper until you have one sheet. Move that sheet over a period towards the door you want the dog to use and thence outside.
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    Crates are not a must for house-training but many do find they prefer to use them.
    I house trained 2 litter mates together.
    I use a word...maybe your friend's dog may like to have a consistent word that is associated with the deed.
    Mine was widdle widdle. Going out the door, I say it, if they do one I say it during the pee or poo then great praise.
    It was so very funny at times..I said the word..we went outside, I said the word and they would both synchronised swimming, lol.

    Now the word is used as a question and I open the door. Mostly they just stare at me as if to say not yet or one or 2 may go out.
    It is also a command, said in a different tone and they know to go outside a while before we go to bed.
    The best thing of all is if they want to go out during the night they wake hubby up. (one of the perks of starting chemotherapy when they were 3 months old, hehehe)

    Different ways will work with different people and dogs, you just have to find a way that works and be very consistent with it.
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    Wow sounds very stressful. There is no need for me to put my 2 cents here. Everything everyone else has said is spot on. I really hope they have some luck soon. That sounds terrible! Definately crate train that pup me thinks. I love my crate it saved me. Lol. My puppy already sleeps through the whole night and wakes me up early in the morning for wee's and then i can put her back in and go back to sleep and so does she. Lol. It's awesome.
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