Just one last word for K&P

Beef < Major Commodities | National Farmers' Federation

¦There are 43,763 farms in Australia producing beef cattle, with a national herd of 26.6 million head.

There's no way the RSPCA euthanase rate can compete with that.

And that's not even getting started on how much lamb, chicken and pork that gets produced.

I can't imagine pet food companies like Mars or Nestles dealing with the crap that would go with being sprung putting dead pets into their mills. not when there is so much of the beef/sheep/lamb/chicken and by product of that produced. There is also the risk of humans eating it. Quite a few of us do.

I guess it's possible they could put pets into the mix, just doesn't seem very likely.

I can imagine the fertiliser and compost companies doing it though. I can also imagine some of the very small producers eg rural pet supplies doing it too.

And there is an awful lot of road kill that never gets picked up. So not sure there much money there is in trucking that to the local pet food factory either.

This is Australia. Not the USA.