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Thread: Supplements and sources and animal first aid kits

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    Default Supplements and sources and animal first aid kits

    • I was pondering what are good and useful supplements.
    • What would make a good first aid kit for a dog owner to have at hand.
    • Is there a good link for information about emergency care of dogs?
    • Where are good places to buy supplement


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    Our dogs are on Vit E and C, Glucosamine/chondrointon, seaweed meal and fish oil (omega 3) caps. Katy also has dolomite and magnesium tables, because she had orthopedic surgery...I buy wherever they have specials and in bulk, four very large dogs........usually Chemist wharehouse.

    I have horse first-aid gear by the tonne, bought through my work, such as bandages lots of betadine and stuff...but all our cars have first aid kids in them of the human type, because that is part of the Insurance thing, when you work with people/dogs. Catch of the day had some really good cheaper/smaller versions for sale quite cheap.

    Just google dog first aid, there is heap of info

    Pet First Aid Kits - How to Build a First Aid Kit for Your Pet

    First Aid Kit Backpack Green this is the ones we carry

    Dog Tip: First Aid Kits and Emergency Treatments - Prepare Now! And this is the site i give as info to people who ask for info

    Happy reading
    Pets are forever

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    In my first aid kit I take to dog shows I only have the basics that will fit in my bag...

    -Phenergan antihistamine incase of bites or stings.
    -A womens sanitary pad. Believe it or not it's great to use as a dressing for big cuts and it's padded.
    -A syringe (no needle). One of mine doesn't drink away from home so it's good for getting fluids into them.
    -Dettol antiseptic cream.

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    I have a simiar set-up to Crested, wuth a few minor differences:
    I use pawpaw cream instead of antiseptic cream. I include a homemade ear cleaner which is also an antiseptic antifungal for cuts.
    I also have saline for flushing wounds (I get the one dose containers that they sell at pharmacies in the contact lens section) and artifical tears for flushing grit out of eyes.
    My dogs are much smaller so I carry cotton make-up remover pads as dressings plus larger dressings & bandages & scissors etc.- the sanitary napkins would be great for larger dogs.
    I also have non-perfumed baby wipes with me, it is amazing how handy they are for cleaning bums and chins after travel sickeness etc.
    Plus I have some people first aid gear in the same pack (elastoplast, bandaids,etc).
    I am too lazy to go and look at the show kit to see what else is in there LOL!

    You need to tailor your kit to where you live and where you take your dogs - snake-bite kits for dogs are available for instance. If they never leave suburbia perhaps you don't need to worry about leeches and ticks, but may need dressings if they cut their paw on some bogan's broken beer bottle. It is always easier to buy a pre-packed one and then just add a few bits and pieces.

    Supplements is a whole other story and depends on what your dog's diet is and whether they have any special needs. Mine eat mostly raw, so I supplement with kelp powder, coconut oil (or sometimes flaxseed), Vitamin C. Other supplements come from added foods such as green vegetables, eggshells, sardines and mackerel, plain yoghurt, goats milk etc. My oldies also have Sasha's Blend and the puppies get different supplements from the adults. Most of my supplements come from the local greyhound supply store or the stockfeed store.

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