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Thread: I Think I May Be Crazy!!

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    Default I Think I May Be Crazy!!

    I knew it was coming, I knew that I wouldn’t be able to resist for very long – I just thought it’d be longer then it was. Maddex is home now; I was on the list again for a blue merle from her as well because she wasn’t 100% sure when she’d have another one. I wanted another little boy. My fiancé grew up in a breeder household that bred show quality Cavaliers, and he felt that dogs with company seemed to be happier so he insisted that he wanted to get another puppy while Maddex was still a puppy so they could grow up together. I just didn’t expect him to be willing for it to be so soon!

    Well anyways, long story short by the start of August we’ll have another little fluff ball coming home! Lucky we’re so active, a lot of jogging, hiking, camping, and the like so we are looking forward to spending all that time with two very gorgeous little boys. Anyways, we are stuck on names again and we came here to poke our nose around and get opinions! I know some of you will think us crazy for taking on two puppies at once, but I feel that not only will we be happy with our decision in the long run but it’ll give Maddex a doggy companion to romp around with!

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    I actually liked Marcus best - and it goes really well with Maddex. But it would be too similar. So I voted for Nigel which is a cool name for a dog and is different enough so the dogs will learn to respond to their own name only.

    Lucky you, having two pups to play with!

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    Boy oh boy - you are going to be on your toes with two pups !

    Any reason that you have decided on two boys ? In my experience I have had the least amount of trouble behaviour wise with a boy girl combination, particularly when they are similar ages.

    Have heaps of fun !

    P.S. I like Samson as a name.

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    Nice!!! I like both Samson and Shiloh....goodness me, how lucky you are lol...two boodiful boys!!

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    I love boys, I guess it is because when I was growing up if there was more then one dog at the house they were both boys. I am hoping with discipline, and socialization that they'll have less of those behavior troubles.

    I guess more or less it is a personal preference, more then a real reason.

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    I love Marcus too...M&M,

    Pets are forever

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    Not crazy at all!

    My puppy has only just turned 8 weeks old and Im planning to get another one next year if i can convince the parents (fingers crossed)
    then i shall have 3 gorgeous doggies..

    You baby is beautiful

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    Oh how exciting! two gorgeous Border pups
    I have a real soft spot for Border collies!

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    How exciting! Fun times.

    Just be aware that sometimes (and I stress sometimes) pups of a similar age can become overly dependnt on each other. Google littermate syndrome and just take a few steps to help avoid that happening.

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    I've read, and while I realize that is a risk there will be a bit of difference in age and there will be a lot of outside stimulus such as separate walks, separate play times and being fed apart!

    They won't ONLY be relying one another for company, there will be a lot of individual motivation. Before I left the states, a few years prior my grandparents brought home sisters from next door. They were 8 weeks old when they brought them home, this was well after I had moved out but they have so much independence because my grandparents did a lot of stuff with them individually and while they get a little depressed when the other one goes away for awhile it isn't life threatening. If I felt like it would be a huge problem I'd of refrained, but even after talking to the breeder about issues that could be associated with it we came to the conclusion the biggest hurtle will be the extra work which my fiance and I have no problems with. However, I thank you so much for bringing it up though - I'm glad to see such kindness on the forums.

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