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Thread: Our wonderful walk today!

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    Default Our wonderful walk today!

    I got home from work today earlier than usual so I took the dogs for a walk instead of our usual games of fetch in the back yard and 'lets run around the house like maniacs until we slip on the floor and get embarrassed'. Usually on our walks people will veer off the footpath or onto the other side of the road to avoid us, I don't think my dogs are scary looking but apparently they are! haha In fact I've never had a single person say anything about them! But today on our walk I had 2 seperate people say "That black one looks young! She's just beautiful!" and then a couple with a labrador and a dalmatian came over and had a big chat to me about the dogs!
    The vet thinks that Molly is lab cross dalmatian so it was great to actually compare her to the dalmatian that these people had and now I'm about 98% sure that the vet is spot-on, she has the same legs, same chest, same ears and same waist/bum area but she definitely has the tail of a labrador PLUS there is a big off-leash area in the park we walk through but it isn't fenced (there are no fenced dog parks within 1hr of us) so I can only let Meika off the leash as Molly hasn't quite mastered recall with distractions yet, BUT today it was surrounded with 6ft pickets and even the outline for one of those double gate entrances and exits (like at petting zoos) so THEY'RE MAKING IT A FENCED DOG PARK! I'm very excited because not only can Molly now run and play off the leash, but it's walking distance from our house

    I'm so excited about the park and so surprised and happy about people being friendly towards the dogs today that I just had to share with every one


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    Im in Rosewood and have to drive to Ipswich for a fenced dog park so I understand the excitement! I have the same thing with people seeing Xena and crossing the street, was really please when a few started to chat! I'm glad people up your way are warming up to your furry family!

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