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Thread: Please send good thoughts to my dogs, I'm terrified.

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    Default Please send good thoughts to my dogs, I'm terrified.

    Please pray and send good thoughts for my dogs, please. I am terrified something bad is going to happen.

    I am in Bali. My dogs are back home in Australia. I fly home Thursday night at 11Pm and I'll be home Friday mornng, it's Tuesday afternoon noon.

    My IDIOT older brother has done something very very frigging stupid and the police may raid out house. I have my friendly Lab x free roaming of the yard. I have Serenity, my Kelpie x who is on her zipline, who is a bloody damn bite risk! and I know how storys add up when police meet a unfriendly dog. This is Australia.. I don't know if they would hurt her if she is restrained.. but i know she will be barking/trying to bite.

    The good thing is, my friend has put them in a kennel. I'm worried Serenity might try and jump the kennel as she is a jumper.. There is a tarp over the kennel but I don't know how securely it's held down. I didn't think this was going to happen so I didn't secure it %100 like i should have. I then worry what if they dig out? The set up where Serenity is on the zipline will need to happen if they dig out.. I am sure Serenity would stay in the yard but I don't know..

    I am scared shitless I am going to go home to one less dog. I'm mainly scared for Serenity. She hasn't had any exercise so I worry she may try and jump. I'm worried about the noise they will make in the kennel but thats not my biggest problem, I just hope they don't escape it. I worry my brother will put her back on the zipline and let him roam.

    I am scared. I am miles away from home, I wont be home for a few more days. I am worried something bad will happen in regards to Serenity. I am hurting so badly right now. I can't do anything. She's my heart and I'm terrified. Sunny is friendly so I don't need to worry as much but she isn't friendly.

    PLEASE send good/positive thoughts.

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    Is there anyone you can call to take the dogs for a few days? Maybe a kennel will come pick them up for you?
    If you PM someone here close to your location maybe they could call around kennels for you?

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    Oh boy. That's awful. I couldn't imagine being so far away and so worried!

    I'm in South Brissie, if it helps?

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    Not a good feeling to have ...

    I'm Blue Mountains NSW if that helps as well ....
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    Maybe you can call the police and explain?

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    Ahh, that sucks.. I agree with Crested is there anyone you can call who could take the dogs for a few days or go check on them?

    Thinking of you!
    No one loves you like your dog does.

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    I think if Tahlz calls the police, she drops her brother in it for sure. At the moment, it's just a maybe.

    She really needs someone to take the dogs elsewhere, and it's going to be a bit hard if the kelpie is really grumpy like that. ie it will have to be someone those dogs know.

    I can't imagine my brother having that kind of problem - but I could imagine him not being careful enough with the boundary fences and gate to keep my dog from going to look for me... so I don't leave my dog with him. Plus he's into teaching dogs "NO" with as much punishment as he thinks necessary and that wouldn't work well either.

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    I second maybe getting them into a kennel or finding someone who can take them until you get back. At least you know they will be safe.

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    Thank you everyone.

    Trust me, if I knew were my brother was, I'd call him in. He deserves to be in prison. I highly dislike him right now.

    I want help, I want to know they will both be safe. My concern is with boarding kennels is Serenity's issues. Thats my biggest concern. How much does boarding normally cost? I'm worried I wont have enough money in the bank.

    I can try talking to one friend about taking them tomorrow but I don't like my chances, other then her, I have no one to take them.

    I don't care if she was left chained in a yard, I just want to know she will be safe. She isn't that bad under certain rules, she warms up pretty well.

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    If you knew what your brother was like, why didn't you organise for your dogs to be taken care of properly, before you went away? No way in hell would I leave my dog with someone unreliable.

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