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Thread: Please send good thoughts to my dogs, I'm terrified.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tahlz View Post
    Yes, I live with my mum, I sadly can't afford to live on my own with two dogs. My friend was at the house, she only wanted her to leave in case we got raided. So, thats why my friend isn't actually staying at the house, before this happened, she was there day and night.

    I prefer my dogs at home then at a kennel but now I can see why it's so stressful ether way and i don't know what I'll do next time I travel.
    I'm almost afraid to ask - but : who would be likely to raid you and why?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RuralPug View Post
    I'm almost afraid to ask - but : who would be likely to raid you and why?
    Cause of my brother. They were or maybe are looking for him. They may not be now, I'm not sure because the cops had two people they brung in originally and had to release them. He's doing things with the wrong people (a biker gang) and dealing things he shouldn't be dealing with (if you know what I mean). As far as I know, some of the people he did this bad crap with got busted (I'm not sure how exactly, I think from recordings) and his name got mentioned or something like that. I have only heard this second hand from mum so what I know is very basic. I'm sure I'll get the full story when I get home.

    He has court Monday for something so we'll see what happens. If they know who he is, if he shows up, I'm sure they take him in. I dought he'll show up since he's leaving for a job soon.

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    I love my brother but he needs to piss off out of our lives because what he's doing will come back and hurt us one day.

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    Well i don't think you need to worry as much as you are. First of all, cops don't come in guns blazing shooting everything in sight. IF your house was going to be raided they would try to know every single detail and hazard your home has (exit points etc) therefore would at least know about the dogs and would need to take into account that they maybe running around the yard loosely & that most likely would try to protect their home (with barking, growling etc). They wouldn't shoot your dogs for the hell of it or deem them dangerous unless they were acting in a manner that was a danger to their lives. I just can't see them going out of their way to bother with your dogs to be honest.

    When we go away we have backup plan after plan. First of all i have my Mum (who i also live with) who i trust with my dog 100% - i know with her Molly will be taken care of and her routine stays the same. If that goes to shit (say she had some sort of medical emergency) our old neighbour will look after the little one (Benji) and our groomer can take care of the bigger two (Molly & Rex) and if that doesn't work then the kennel down the road. Though i don't particularly feel comfortable with leaving them in there.

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    I do feel a lot better now and I think I can worry less, it's just how mum made it out to sound and once she's calmed down, I have to. Some one on another forum gave some thoughts on the raid as well and how they wouldn't do it straight away though I still know it's a possibility they could. I have read to many horror stories were cops shoot dogs, even when they are contained. Serenity would try biting but she's contained.. Sunny, he is friendly but may react off Serenity's attitude and has free roam.

    I never thought I'd need more back up plans but now this scare has happened, next time I travel, I'll have back up plans. Good idea.

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    A bit over 24 hours till I'm home <3 I can't wait to see them. Lots of playing, hiking and sleeping inside for them!

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    If you do decide to have a dog boarding place in your back up plan, it's a good idea to take your dogs out to meet them, and show them your vaccination certificates well ahead of time. That way they know and you know if your dog Serenity will be ok with them.

    RSPCA lonsdale will allocate carers based on sex ie if your dog prefers women or hates men, they will only be looked after by women. Usually just the one person will do most of the caring.

    And by visiting up front, you get a handle on whether the boarding place is run by good dog people or people just trying to make a buck in a fairly unregulated industry who don't care about dogs at all. The dogs know this and only the most forgiving tolerate it.

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