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Thread: Which Dog is right for me?

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    I reckon having a guard or watch dog always carries a risk. If you want a dog that will actually show aggression towards intruders, you might not be able to trust them around any stranger. If you want a dog that barks at potential intruders, you might end up with a nuisance barker.

    BUT... for most intruders it's enough for there to be a dog. Unless they are very keen, as in they know that there's lots of valuable stuff in your house, they won't risk finding out that your dog has a taste for human flesh after they went through your gate. Even if the dog is wagging his whole body when he spots them. You just never know.

    And as mentioned by a few others, whichever dog you end up getting, make sure you learn about training (even if you have had a dog before, you should never stop learning), make sure you make time to train and exercise and if you want a dog that you can easily take places and never gets you into trouble with other dog owners, socialisation is so very, very important.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jadielee87 View Post
    How about training and socialisation? Lack of early socialisation, especially the AmStaffy can result in you having a dog aggressive dog. Obedience classes are also pretty important.
    Ive got heaps of family members with pet dogs and everything and i always see them so thats a good for socialising and also id walk it every day so theres more socialising there. plus theres a dog park on my street ( LUCKY ) and theres a obedience school near my house

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nev Allen View Post
    Fab, where do you live. If it is in Victoria, get yourself a Rotti, or a Dob, or anything else because their breed specific legislation is a nightmare if you have a dog that even looks like a pitt bull.

    In your shoes I would probably go for a Staffy. They are very people orientated dogs and we have trained a number of them through our agility club. They are destructive towards fencing so you need to ensure you have a really good property fence - colourbond steel with 12 inches of chicken mesh laid on the ground to prevent her digging out. Forget any sort of wire fencing - they eat it for breakfast.

    As stated by others above, incredibly important to get as much early socialisation as possible. Join a dog club and go there with your pup as often as possible. Take her to the front of a shopping centre and let her interact with people. Have pockets full of treats and reward her for being calm.
    Yeah i live in melbourne. So are pitbulls illegal in vic? Because im pretty sure this guy that lives about 2 doors up has a pitty, It nearly chased me once!

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    Yes, 'Pit Bulls' are illegal in Victoria.
    If you do go the Bully road you should absolutely learn all the Laws inside and out . Starting with the BSL forum here I would suggest
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    Quote Originally Posted by RFabiani View Post
    Yeah i live in melbourne. So are pitbulls illegal in vic? Because im pretty sure this guy that lives about 2 doors up has a pitty, It nearly chased me once!
    If I were you, due to the fact you live in Victoria. I would steer clear of any bull breed unless you get a fully papered puppy from a registered breeder. The last thing you want is your dog taken and put to sleep because it looks a certain way.

    There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.

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