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Thread: Dirt or sand?

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    Default Dirt or sand?

    I have just ordered a raised garden bed for my dogs to dig in, but im wondering whether it would be better to put dirt or sand in it?

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    I think sand would make less mess and be easier to hide stuff in?!

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    yeah would probably be a lot easier.
    I have a dirt pit (small clam shell) and anytime I wanted to hide stuff I would have to get out the shovel

    Also wondering if its okay for them to eat sand...

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    Sand for sure. Whenever it rained a dirt pit would be a mud puddle where sand would still be clean (ish).
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    Default is not about you....It is about the dogs...Raised bed like a veggie bed with soil...Soil is cool, soil is messy, soil is FUN.......Nice friable soil like veggie soil is great and dogs love it, puddles and all. Large sand-pit often ends up as a cat toilet too, they prefer it, though they will use soil too

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    The mess doesnt bother me at all!
    They all ways bring in dirt anyway.

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