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Thread: Destruction!!!

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    bernie - I had a neighbour who had 2 GSD's. He used to grow chillis. One day the dogs decided to get into the plant and ate it - one suffered severe burns in his digestive system, the other died. I always had it in my mind that if I ever have animals I will not grow at the back anything spicy.. glad she was ok!!!

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    This thread is great, not one to read at work because people are looking at me wondering why I'm laughing to myself... Well I was pretty lucky with Sammy, though I think that had more to do with me being there most of the time for his first year than him being a well-behaved puppy. He did once eat my Kate Spade heels though... The thing is when you own a dog like Sammy, if he decides to eat something, there's no rescuing it just in time - he can easily crunch through just about anything with one bite.

    He is so funny though, these days he commits less serious crimes but we treat them very seriously because sometimes I think he likes the rush of being a deviant and if he can get it from something like moving one of my shoes, well that suits me better than the alternative. I get this feeling because on the days when I get home from work and he has done something wrong, he is completely different. He isn't jumping around or wagging his tail, he's holding his head low and staring at the ground. Then it's like we have a ritual. We ask him what did he do and he takes us to the crime scene (the other night this was a blanket he had decided to move from the couch to the back lawn) and when he reaches the offending item he lies down next to it and continues to look at the ground. I then pretend to be completely shocked and upset, he rolls onto his back and then I tell him to get out of my sight so he jumps up and does crazy zoomies around the back yard. I put the blanket back where it belongs and then he goes back to being his usual happy self and I can give him the hug I've wanted to give him since I got home.

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    I must say that even though I agree that dogs do not know guilt over something they did earlier, Banjo does have a reaction when I start picking up the mess she made while I was out. These days it's fairly innocent things, like empty cartons of milk that we left on the bench and similar (yesterday it included half a packet of flour too). I never tell her off over it, but the simple act of me giving attention to it, makes her calm right down from her "OMG, you came back!" excitement. Not sure how the psychology works there, but I actually think it's quite cute and I never feel annoyed over those little messes anymore.
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    You know.. I bet they do know. Everytime we come home and Hooch cries (he NEVER cries) and wags super enthusiastically we KNOW he had done something. It is when we know to take a deep breath and be prepared for the worst as we slowly walk looking for it....

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