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Thread: Going away for a week & not sure what to do about Boss

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    Question Going away for a week & not sure what to do about Boss

    I'm visiting my mum with the kids for a week coming up soon & will have to leave Boss at home with my partner.. Problem is Boss (7 months) is used to me being with him all day, i work & study from home so usually he's not alone for longer than an hour. My partner will still be at home but he leaves for work at 4am & most days isn't home until 8pm...
    I'm not sure if maybe i would be better off having him board somewhere while I'm gone since he is still having 3 meals a day or should i cut down a meal now & buy a ton of toys to entertain him? I have no idea what to do & unfortunately i can't take him with me
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    I would hate to leave my boys home alone for a such a long time every day too. My OH does these kind of hours too.

    Is there anyone you know that could come visit him during the day? Or maybe get one of the in home pet sitters to come once in the morning, and once in the arvo for a play and a walk, so the time alone isn't as long? I don't love kennels, so I'd be inclined to try and keep him home if I could.

    It might be time to start working him up a bit longer periods of separation slowly though. It might not be enough for this time around, but could be handy when you need to go away next time.

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    That's a good idea, i could try and organise someone to visit him for a bit each day, most people i know work during the day though.
    I've been leaving him alone outside longer and longer the last couple of weeks, longest was only about 2 hours though and i felt bad lol!! He also decided to pull half the apple tree down in the time he was outside even with all his toys & bones out there 0.0

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    You may not enjoy the trip away if you are worried about him,
    For peace of mind, I would board.

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    I second the boarding - get recommendations from friends. Or RSPCA and AWL offer boarding services.

    I have boarded Frosty at the RSCPA Lonsdale and she loved it despite her tummy rash getting out of control, and I have boarded her at Top Spot near Mylor and she loves it there - though I don't board her there during fire season.

    Otherwise you may come home to a moonscape garden, grumpy partner or worse - escaped/missing dog.

    In Adelaide - depending where you are - there are people you can pay to do home visits eg Annie the Pet Nanny - she's great - as long as the dog is outside or has access to outside - she doesn't to into the home. And Doggy day care though not sure if they'd be open early enough.

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    I'm in South Adelaide, about 10 minutes away from the RSPCA
    Was thinking about getting a pet sitter in once a day to walk him & feed him lunch. @Di_dee, i'm already worried and it's still weeks away lol! My mum actually owns a farm & has a spare dog run at the moment but it's no where near her town house & the other 6 working dogs are out working all day so they only sleep in there pretty much. I think it would be cruel to have him in a run all day on his own? :-|
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    Put the beautiful boy in the boarding kennels...since it is weeks away, you still have heaps of time to research. And ask the staff if you can go out and have a look, and ask them all the questions you want. He will probably have a blast, and being a pup still, he will probably be spoilt lol.

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    Tam, I dont like kennels and it sounds like your mums wont be suitable anyway.

    I think D-dogs idea is great, get a pet walker in everyday at lunchtime to walk him and feed him, it will cost less than a kennel and he wont get stressed out as he is still in his own familiar environment and the walk should tucker him out.

    He dosent need 3 meals now, so 2 will be fine, you will miss him more than he misses you

    The pet walker can also reload his kongs while shes there, he will be fine!
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    We have always had family or neighbours come to feed and walk our dogs when we went away.
    Some dogs are just a lot happier staying in their own home.
    At home they KNOW you are coming back.
    I was really worried about Snoop as he was only 9 months old and still "needy" when we went
    away in January. My daughter said he was just fine and never seemed stressed at all.

    You will really need to dog proof the house and yard. Close off rooms, put cushions away etc.

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    I've never liked the idea of kennels or catteries. I get quite anxious walking into one therefore don't feel entirely at ease leaving my animals there. They all seem to be on edge, or barking at each other - i don't think my lot would cope without much human interaction and being cooped up in a foreign place.

    I like the idea of a walker. Ideally somebody the dog knows (neither Molly, Rex or Benji would go with some stranger). It all comes down to the personality of your dog, if your dog is quite happy wandering up to strangers, letting them into their yard etc then you could probably get any dog walker. I think i read that you have a couple of weeks before you head off so maybe contacting somebody now and getting them to do the odd walk whilst your around, or just coming around to greet and get to know your dog wouldn't hurt

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