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Thread: Interesting article - dogs and music

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    Default Interesting article - dogs and music

    Well this is embarrassing, but sometimes I sing to Sammy. It just kind of happened one time after he'd had a really stressful event (nearly eaten as a puppy by a bully type dog). He was super stressed, shaking and super stiff that night, so I sat down next to him and sang to him and he eventually came over to me and fell asleep. Ever since then, whenever he has been really stressed, I sing to him. Never real songs and I don't have a good voice, but I just try to soothe him. The most recent time was after I brought him home from the vet after being hit by a car - it was the worst I'd ever seen him and it was like he even forgot who I was for a while. I tried to hug him and he moved away from me and I was really sad about that. The next night I again sat next to him and sang to him and after a while, he leaned into me, sighed and almost fell asleep sitting up.

    So it got me thinking, do dogs like music? Turns out maybe yes...

    Found an interesting article that people might be interested in.

    Do Dogs Like Music?

    I'm curious to know does anyone else think their dog likes music? And does anyone else sing to their dog?

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    Not sure about music, but I dance with my dogs. Harley and I use to love "don't stop me now" by queen! lol

    There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.

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    We sing to Lukey when he is nervous..we have a song for him "lukeys boat is painted green ahum......" It is a Newfoundland song for a newfoundland dog LOL

    Hubby used to do it in the Show-ring. he was very timid when we first got him.

    Hubby has since made him his own boat for rescue training which is painted green LOL

    We ride our horses to music and they get the rhythm. I used to also do a trick and line dance with one of my horses....He loved country music (back in the nineties)
    Pets are forever

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    Horses really like oompah music (german brass bands) and the music that features french horn - like the theme for "all creatures great and small" about James Herriot the vet.

    I'm not sure about dogs.

    Frosty will sing when I have yummy treat and don't give it to her.

    And sometimes we sing together like dingos or wolves do. I think that might be an after dinner thing.

    But me singing to pop songs in the car - does not impress her at all. maybe I'm a bit too loud sometimes. I've been known to freak out the next car over even when I have the windows up...

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    I think that's really sweet 99bottles.
    No one loves you like your dog does.

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    I play music out loud on my phone when i take the dogs for a walk in the paddocks (well... koda is on leash... dodge is off i am technicly only walking koda... cause Dodge could go back to the house if she wanted.. ) it doesnt seem to affect the dogs much... but it cirtianly puts me in a good mood lol

    I have been working on a canine freestyle rutine with Koda... the song is, 'He's a pirate' from pirates of the caribbean...Koda always seems quite excited when i am playing this song probebly just a coincidence though

    This will probebly sound weird but i really wish dogs enjoyed music as much as i do!
    I can just picture me and my dogs dancing crazily around the house with our favourite music blasting extremely loud LOL

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    My pup loves music - as long as I am not singing along with it !

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    Lol I don't think Sammy thinks much of pop music either. Only time I've seen him react to any music is when I'm singing directly to him but it might just be that I'm trying to be soothing and the singing helps me - who knows. He's the only one who tries to get closer to me when I'm singing, everyone else runs away

    Well if you want to dance with Sammy he is always a willing partner, but if you bust out any crazy moves you're likely to get jumped on and omg that hurts! I have had bruises around my neck and shoulders before from Sammy jumping up whilst I've been being silly with him - it looks terrible and my partner is always scared to go out with me whilst I'm bruised because people might get the wrong idea...

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    Rosie hates music! If I put a cd on when I'm vacuuming or doing some such other housework task, she will move post-haste to the other end of the house!

    But I have been known to sing to her, lullaby style, when she's been ill. I agree, it definitely soothes her. I suspect it's got more to do with the quiet calm that melodic singing (like lullabys) produces, than the 'what' you're singing. It's pretty difficult to be all hyped up and excited when you're singing about cows and spoons jumping over the moon! Same effect they have on babies I suspect.

    I reckon just do whatever keeps you both calm and happy!

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    Read this thread and decided to get Hooch the CD "Through a dog's ear". Played it for the first time, his ears perked, head turned. Then he got up and walked out the doggie door outside LOL hmmm
    I actually enjoy that music!

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