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Thread: Interesting article - dogs and music

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    I'm a musician and listen to lots of music, so it would be awesome if my dog likes music too. I guess I'll find out soon.

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    We definitely sing to Duke. He has his own "song" which is to this tune: "Oh Mindy" - Homer Simpson Obviously, it goes "Oh Dukey" when we sing it. Occasionally it might go "Oh Choppy", but Chopz doesn't seem to care for it much.

    Duke also has a song that he likes to sing along to. It doesn't really have much tune, or real words, except "Puppa boy". I have videos of him singing it. At first, he starts off and will only sing if we sing, but then he gets carried away "singing" on his own. It's so cute, but I'm not sure my neighbours would agree!

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