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Thread: Lick lipping

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    I've heard you talk a lot about calming signals newfsie, but finally went to youtube for some examples. I liked kikopup's video on this and it is really interesting! Though now I worry that I stress my dog when she licks her lips and yawns when I pat her, which is something I had never noticed before!

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    Newfie - Yawning
    My little boy is quite strange, he is a quiet little boy, dosent show emotions to often and always seems very chilled out, loving and huggie. At the vets, when he has had to have procedures which are a little painful, he never makes a sound, I rolled over his little foot with a computer chair by accident and he didnt make a sound but couldnt walk on the foot for a week.

    When he had a tick and was in the vets for a day or two, they were quite concerned he didnt yelp with procedures or move around much, we had to explain that was his nature, and they labeled him very stoic and brave
    Sometimes when i go to give him a treat ..he yawns, or when he begins to bit excited about something...he yawns, I never really thought about what it meant, but from your post...could he be trying to control HIS OWN emotions?
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    Newfsie, i liked this info and utilise much of this daily with mine and doggy friends we meet. Off leash pack running in mornings allow me to watch the interactions between the dogs, as each member of the group meets us and we share paths for a while. why people watch tv, when this sort of entertainment is available, i dont understand?

    I would be very interested in learning more about the vocal communication between dogs/owners, or dogs/dogs.
    Having a GSD, a very very verbal dog. Id like to know if the vocals he uses, are learnt behaviours from me ie. behaviour reinforced by my engagement or laughter when he does it, or if they occur naturally in dogs?

    Has anyone got info on vocalisations of dogs? Id love to read up.

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