Oskar has been well socialised since he was a pup and he is quite good with other dogs, even smaller dogs most of the time. And most of the time we have found that it is other dogs that don't like him and have started fights. We have never given him the opportunity to fight back, because other bastards think it is ok for their dogs to attack ours. It shits me to tears, and my boyfriend will sometimes say something, but most of the time the owners are thugs like their dogs. He just likes to play with other dogs and most of the time, his play time is fullfilling...this has all happened at the dog beach by the way. But because of the incident with that very submissive yelping poodle, we have just become cautious. I daresay if Pippi was introduced to Oskar, she would be boss lady haha

He seems to be able to distinguish older small dogs and puppies. i think it is just jealousy with pups, especially when we show attention.